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guarantee of luko's new house insurance

Posted by deeson at 2020-02-17

Luco's big day: we announced our real estate insurance, bootee's AI and satellite imagery? Distr. We spent a year developing this new product to provide you with simpler, more scientific and more just insurance. Of course, this insurance covers you! Let's elaborate on this new assurance in a transparent way.


Characteristics of Luko housing insurance

Artificial intelligence and satellite imaging to better calculate risk

To better protect you and understand the risks associated with your home, we have developed a new technology that combines satellite imaging with artificial intelligence.

? Distr. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website.

Cover the people you love

Like apartments, Luko offers you a simple and transparent insurance policy with only one offer. Second, you need to add what you want to protect so that your contract fits your situation. Therefore, Luko also includes:

? Distr. Swimming pool, bathtub and related equipment

? Distr. Your outdoor layout ("greenhouse", "hard barbecue")

Your solar panel

? Distr. Half of you

? Distr. Your child

Your roommate


Luko housing insurance guarantee

It includes all compulsory housing insurance.

Fire protection deposit

If there is a fire, you will be covered. This also includes damage caused by explosions, smoke and firefighters.

Water damage guarantee

It protects you when water leaks, spills and penetrates. Some examples in daily life: pipe breaks, washing machine leaks, penetrates your roof Distr. Distr.

You and your co insured ("child, spouse, roommate...") have insurance to compensate you for possible damage to others ("your excluded relatives"). For example, you run into the wall next door and break it: you've built it, and Luko will pay you for the repairs.

And the limit is 7 million euros a year

Criminal defence and appeal

We are also here to deal with claims, i.e. claims for damages suffered and suffered by Luko ("floods, fires, etc.).

Storms and natural disasters

Storm, hail, snow or ice? Distr. Distr. Don't worry, you're surrounded by Luko

The same is true of nationally recognized natural disasters.

Technological disasters and terrorism

In case of fire or explosion caused by terrorist act or technical disaster declared by the state, you will enjoy Luko insurance.


In case of emergency, our service desk can provide you with 24 hours / 24 hours / 7J / / 7 \ \ 97422 hours.

If you have any questions, we can provide you with a temporary residence, a security guard and a suitcase. In case of disaster


It includes all the mandatory guarantees of our lowest legal offer "" plus the guarantees that we think are essential for you to keep quiet forever.

Compulsory guarantee

+ open

Locked in the door? We will send a professional locksmith to your home within 2 hours through our 24-hour 7J / 7-hour craftsman network in France.

+Theft and destruction

This protection includes theft and vandalism in your home, including trespassing, upgrading or using a fake key.

Your property and any damage your house may suffer will be insured

Ice breaking

Oh... Did you break the window or the tub by accident? Their repair or replacement shall be included.

Electrical injury