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sk brothers band "ddos cline district construction service" goes on the market

Posted by fleschner at 2020-02-23

Input 10:28-124; on November 18, 2019; modify 13:20, November 18, 2019

Sk elder brother band said Friday that it will conduct real-time detection of more and more DDoS attacks and effectively defend the "dddos clinjohn construction service".

DDoS cline area construction service is the first equipment built in the customer website (on premise) in China. It is difficult to predict. It is faster from various forms of DDoS attacks, and it is a security service to protect assets.

In addition, conservative and regulatory services are provided by security professionals 24 hours a day to detect dddos attacks, Sk broadband expands the DDoS Defense lineup by defending "DDoS cline area service" against DDoS attacks through selfish 100 nets. Customers can choose services according to the network environment and internal conditions.

"Through this service to attack dddos and real-time defense, we can reduce 2 or 3 times of social loss diffusion," said Gao Yinghao, who is responsible for service development

"It can effectively defend against the threat of large capacity hacker attacks, and in the future, it will also improve the security technology response, protect customer information, and continuously improve the stability of the new generation of networks," said park zanxiong, head of infrastructure department in charge of technology development