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guizhou lailis machinery design and manufacturing co., ltd

Posted by mitry at 2020-02-27


Biwei sports official website

The official website of Biwei sports website is a professional enterprise engaged in R & D and design of electrolytic aluminum anode assembly equipment, which integrates design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning as well as operation services. It has grade III qualification for general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering. The company adheres to the principle of "user first, continuous progress", closely combines the industry trends, bases itself on the production site, and devotes itself to technical research and development and quality improvement. The patented product structure has the leading main equipment series in China, such as anode loading and unloading, electrolyte cleaning and crushing unit, iron ring pressing and cleaning, residual pressing and casting station, as well as roasting and disassembling station, carbon bowl filling station Mechanical equipment such as integral fire wall masonry, fire wall straightening and cleaning. The company's brand and value-added service have been well appraised by users. Its products are all over Chinalco, CPI and other major groups. Among them, we have taken on Malaysia Bintulu Aluminum Co., Ltd