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interview with chen liang, founder member of tencent cohen laboratory

Posted by fleschner at 2020-02-29

Chen Liang is one of the founder members of Tencent Cohen Laboratory (formerly known as keen team). Now I am in charge of pwn2own competition project of Cohen laboratory, mainly engaged in the research of advanced browser utilization technology and vulnerability mining and utilization technology of Apple operating system. Chen Liang was invited to deliver keynote speeches at Black Hat USA 2016, POC 2015 / 2016, xcon2013 and other famous security summits at home and abroad. He has led the team to win the pwn2own Championship for many times. Last year, he led the team to join the United team of computer stewards to win the pwn2own master of PWN world championship.

At the 2017 mobile security summit of mosec, Chen Liang brought his speech "IOS 10 kernel security ramble", sharing the research findings of Cohen lab on IOS kernel security in the past year, rambling on IOS kernel security from three aspects of vulnerability, mechanism and utilization mitigation. At the end of the conference, freebuf had the honor to sit down and talk with the top Chinese hacker.

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Before the interview, Chen Liang confessed that he didn't sleep very much the night before. He was mainly studying the jailbreak of the new version of IOS. In the speech of the mosec summit, he showed the jailbreak tool developed by Cohen lab for the new version of IOS platform. During the demonstration, three different models of iPhones were successfully jailed, and this heavyweight colored egg also won the most enthusiastic palm of the audience Voice. In fact, a few days before the speech, Apple released IOS 11 developer beta 2. For the best demonstration effect, the night before the speech, Chen Liang also adapted the new version of IOS.

In the interview, we found that Chen Liang is a very modest person. He talked with us about his way of security research, his working experience at Microsoft, and some opinions on security issues.

*Author: will Huang, honorary product of freebuf video group, reprinted from