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hugsy/gef: gef

Posted by bax at 2020-03-01

GEF (pronounced ʤɛf - "Jeff") is a set of commands for x86/64, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and SPARC to assist exploit developers and reverse-engineers when using old school GDB. It provides additional features to GDB using the Python API to assist during the process of dynamic analysis and exploit development. Application developers will also benefit from it, as GEF lifts a great part of regular GDB obscurity, avoiding repeating traditional commands, or bringing out the relevant information from the debugging runtime.


Instant Setup Simply make sure you have GDB 7.7 or higher compiled with Python3 bindings, then: Then just start playing: Note: As of January 2020, GEF doesn't officially support Python 2 any longer, due to Python 2 becoming officially deprecated.If you really need GDB+Python2, use gef-legacy instead.


Highlights A few of GEF features include: