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the system will call the police as soon as the suspect appears -- guiyang public security "portrait big data" system

Posted by fleschner at 2020-03-02

As soon as the suspect who has been incognito for many years entered Guiyang, he was caught by the police

Only half an hour after the lost child called the police, the police found him and informed his family

In 2012, there were 28 robberies and robberies in Guiyang, and only 1.2 robberies and robberies in one day

Guiyang established the first "block data command center" of the public security system last year, and was awarded as the first big data and network security demonstration point city in the country. It is the first provincial capital city in the country with "two robberies" and "homicide cases" solving rate of more than 90%

All this is because of a thing called "big data". With big data, Guiyang public security "human image big data system" came into being, and human image big data has made great changes in Guiyang public security in investigation and case solving, public security management, serving the people and other aspects.

Generation of "portrait big data system"

Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau fully implements the policy guidance of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, closely around the three main lines of government governance, people's livelihood service and industrial development, actively plans and takes the initiative, relying on the construction of "block data command center" and "Skynet project", actively promotes the strategy of "big data + artificial intelligence", innovates the use of human image recognition technology, and scientifically perceives the operation state of social security Potential: to ensure political stability and maintain public security, it is planned to build a "portrait big data" system through the mode of co construction, CO governance and sharing, comprehensively improve the government's social governance capacity, improve the management level of smart city, and drive the rapid development of big data industry in the city.

Guiyang Public Security Bureau has made every effort to build the video system architecture of "three networks and three platforms" in the city. At present, it has formed a video integration system of "Skynet project" of 20000 videos, 60000 social resources videos, and 80000 overall videos, basically realizing the video system of "point coverage, surface network, peripheral circle, urban and rural coverage".

Video command, wireless mobile image transmission, vehicle capture, emergency disposal, mobile terminal acquisition, human image recognition and other video technologies are widely used, which has become a new growth point of the combat effectiveness of the practical application of public security. Relying on the construction of key projects such as "block data command center", "Skynet project" and "social video resource integration", we have achieved remarkable pilot results in the aspects of cracking down on crimes, serving the masses and social governance by using the technology of human image recognition.

The suspect was arrested when he entered Guiyang

In 2017, the overall dynamic and static "face recognition" pilot projects were more than 1000 times compared with all kinds of personnel, helping to capture 375 criminal suspects of all kinds, including 39 national fugitives and more than 400 cases.

"Once the suspect enters Guiyang, he will be captured by the" portrait big data system " Li Bin, deputy director of information and Communication Department of Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, told reporters that since the first half of 2016, Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau has started the battle to demand police force for science and technology and introduce artificial intelligence. Face recognition technology is an application of "human image big data system". At present, there are tens of thousands of collection points in Guiyang, using the core algorithm of big data and the resources of the public security system, "as long as it is suspected that When the suspect appears on the Guiyang boundary, the system will give an alarm and the command center will order the nearest police to catch him. The process from discovery to capture is only a few minutes. "

Li Bin said that the accuracy rate of identifying criminal suspects is more than 90%. "Guiyang is full of Skynet. Everywhere you go, you have eyes and eyes. Skynet is the leading company in China."

Li Bin said that in addition to the city's attention, Guiyang public security is in the leading position in the aspect of big data of portrait, which is mainly due to the cooperation with the world's top technical teams, who work with Guiyang public security 365 days a day. "Portrait recognition can be recognized day and night, HD." During the Spring Festival, nine people from the Ministry of public security were arrested in Guiyang.

Lost boy found half an hour after calling the police

"Portrait big data system" is not only used in fighting crime and public security management, but also used to serve the masses.

One day in February this year, a four-year-old boy lost his way near Beijing road. After his family called the police, they started the big data system of portrait, issued instructions to street grid police and community police, and at the same time, searched for relevant police orders of Guiyang Public Security Bureau. The result was less than half an hour. The little boy was less than two years away from home "This is the use of" portrait big data system "to serve the masses

Xu Yan said that in the past, the whole family usually sent out to mobilize relatives and friends to look for people everywhere, but the results were very little. Now, as long as we start the big data system of portrait, according to Skynet, we can find the track of the lost people, especially the lost children and the elderly.

However, it should be noted that the use of big data system of portrait can not be carried out by everyone. It must be carried out under the condition of ensuring the security of technology and privacy. In other words, it can only be carried out with authorization, that is to say, it also has the approval authority in the public security organ.

Li Bin predicted that people like big data system will be more widely used in serving people's livelihood. For example, if citizens go to the community service center to apply for certificates like this, they need to fill in a lot of information. Later, they don't need to fill in. As long as people arrive, they can do the required certificates.

Become "ten facts" of Guiyang

It is understood that the construction of Guiyang public security "human image big data" system is an innovative layout that responds to the national strategy of artificial intelligence, improves the government's social governance, promotes science and technology to serve the people's livelihood, and helps the development of big data industry. It is an important part of "block data city", the core content of "smart city", the scientific and technological support of "safe city", and the "China Digital Valley" The basic elements of.

Guiyang public security "portrait big data" will play an important role in strengthening security, maintaining political security, maintaining stability, personnel density, key places, key departments and other areas of early warning and prevention, as well as serving the actual police operations, improving public security efficiency, promoting the sharing of the whole area, helping social management, effectively integrating resources, and improving application efficiency.

The construction of human image big data system has been officially listed as one of the "ten practical" projects for the people run by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government in 2018.

At present, Guiyang Public Security Bureau has set up a special work office of "portrait big data" to comprehensively carry out the construction of "portrait big data" system. According to the overall layout of Guiyang Public Security Bureau "1461" and the strategic goal of Guiyang public security entering the first echelon of provincial capital cities in 2020, through the construction of "human image big data" system, deepen, consolidate and improve the construction of cloud platform, data resource pool and artificial intelligence learning database of block data command center phase I, build the innovation channel of police and government affairs, improve the government's social governance ability and improvement High level of smart city management.

Embrace big data, innovate and strengthen the police

Recently, the block data command center of Guiyang Public Security Bureau was opened to the media for the first time. More than 20 media reporters said after the visit that the scientific and technological innovation has brought great changes to Guiyang public security. Big data has put Guiyang public security on the wing of rapid development, which is deeply felt in Guiyang public security block data command center.

Skynet, smart access control, grid police and so on, everywhere there is the shadow of big data. Entering the data command center hall of Guiyang public security block, the hall is 22 meters wide and 5.8 meters high, with a total area of 127 square meters. The large LED screen composed of 552 boxes, which can display up to 160 pictures, shows the real-time scene of public places in Guiyang.

Under the screen, there are several attentive policemen staring at their eyes, and there are constant rolling portrait comparisons. The portrait big data system is also in the block data command center. Once the suspect enters Guiyang, it will be captured by the system minute by minute, and then the police will start the program immediately. Finally, the commander will give instructions and deploy the nearest police force to capture. The whole process starts from discovery to It's only a minute or two.

Embrace big data, let big data be used by the police, let big data be used by the police serve the people in Guiyang public security has become a reality. There are fewer cases in Guiyang, the rate of case solving is high, the public security is good, and people's sense of security and satisfaction is also high.

Big data makes Guiyang public security "fly". In the future, Guiyang Public Security Bureau will continue to actively promote the research and development and transformation of "big data + artificial intelligence" technology, and constantly innovate, so as to open up an intelligent, flexible and efficient technology road for building a safe city.

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