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personal monograph on information platform: research on the construction, operation, competition and regulation of information platform under the background of triple play (tsinghua university press)

Posted by muschett at 2020-03-05

[content introduction]

The most intuitive impact of triple play is to melt the boundaries of media industry, information technology industry and electronic communication industry, forming a "media communication integration industry", while the most profound impact of triple play is the change of competition mode and the transfer of competition focus. "Content is the king", "channel is the king", "terminal is the king" and other strategies will no longer work. In the future, there will be no king in the integration industry, only the leader of the alliance, and the platform will win the world. The "platform mode" characterized by openness, equivalence, cooperation and sharing will become the most competitive development mode in the integration industry, and the "information platform" as a new industrial organization form will become the commanding point in the competition of the triple play integration industry.

This book is the first academic monograph systematically discussing "information platform" and its operation mechanism in China. It profoundly reveals the relevant laws and principles of information platform from four dimensions of "platform construction", "platform operation", "platform competition" and "platform regulation", providing an incremental development path based on Paradigm Transformation for the integration process of the three industries, and also for the central government The government promotes the integration of three networks and regulatory reform to provide decision-making reference and theoretical basis. From a global perspective, the development of digital network technology is transforming human beings from "deficient economy" to "abundant economy". The most important value of this book is to show the infinite diversity of future integration industries from a theoretical perspective.


Preface: ten years of exploration and convergence platform Huang Shengmin

Introduction: industrial process, literature review and research origin of triple play

Chapter I information platform: the commanding point of future integration of large industries

Section 1 Platform generalization

1、 The origin of the platform

2、 Platform in the industrial practice of "three networks integration"

3、 Platform in the vision of other disciplines

Section II era value of platform theory

1、 The change of two basic conditions of traditional industrial model

2、 The platform will become the commanding point of the future integration industry

Section 3 research framework of information platform theory

1、 Theoretical framework

2、 Theoretical basis and definition of related concepts

3、 Research methods and paths

4、 Innovation and deficiency of this study

Chapter II platform construction

Section I concept of platform

1、 Concept of platform

2、 Three elements of the platform

3、 Two misunderstandings about platform

Section II platform thinking and its impact on related information industry

1、 Resource view: from "closed" to "open"

Interest view: from "monopolization" to "sharing"

3、 Organizational view: from "hierarchical control" to "peer-to-peer cooperation"

4、 Values: from "industrial chain" to "enterprise network"

5、 A new mode of industrial operation gestated by platformization

Section 3 basic attributes of the platform

1、 Platform is the industry's infrastructure

2、 Platform plays an intermediary role

3、 Platform is the core of business ecosystem

4、 Platform is a mixture of paradoxes

Section IV industrial classification and structure of information platform

1、 Classification according to platform structure and features of various elements

2、 Classification by application area

3、 Classification by platform level: basic platform and application platform

4、 Platform hierarchy of future information fusion industry

Section V how to build respective platforms for related industries

1、 Media industry: cut in from the periphery, build platform ecosystem relying on content advantages

2、 Telecommunication industry: center expansion, building platform ecosystem based on network advantages

3、 Internet IT industry: extending from both sides, building platform ecosystem relying on technological advantages

Section 6 platform reconstruction of media industry

1、 The overall conception of media enterprise platform Reengineering

2、 Four links of media platform reconstruction

Summary of this chapter

Chapter III platform operation

Section I various role relationships in platform operation

1、 Role analysis and relationship analysis

2、 Positioning of information platform and composition of its business ecosystem

Section 2 power of platform operation

1、 Information platform is a mixture of public and commercial

II. Power source of platform operation

Section three: platform operation track: life cycle and strategic focus shift

1、 Life cycle curve of information platform: cross network effect of multilateral Market

2、 Development characteristics of information platform in different life cycle and strategic focus shift

3、 Media industry, telecommunication industry and Internet IT industry are in different stages of platform life cycle

Section 4 platform operation rule 1: design and development of products (services)

1、 The design goal of information platform products (services) is to meet the requirements of mass customization

2、 Two key components of information platform products (services): module and architecture

3、 Structure design of information platform products (services)

4、 Design principle of information platform products (services): strong cohesion and loose coupling

5、 Characteristics of information platform products (services)

6、 Development steps of information platform products (services)

Section 5 platform operation rules 2: multi user convening and multi owner behavior management

1、 Convening of multilateral users of information platform

2、 Management of multilateral users of information platform

Section 6 platform operation rule 3: pricing strategy and profit model construction

1、 Pricing dilemma of information products (services): swing between "free" and "charged"

2、 Pricing mechanism of information platform

3、 Influencing factors of information platform pricing

4、 Pricing strategy of information platform

5、 Profit model of information platform

6、 The law of value of information platform

Summary of this chapter

Chapter IV platform competition

Section 1 formation of platform competition

1、 Internal mechanism of platform competition

2、 Industrial reality of platform competition

Section II platform competition pattern

1、 Industrial background of platform competition

(1) Radio and television industry: a special industry operating under the dual system of business and Industry

(2) Telecommunication industry: typical state-owned enterprise reform of monopoly industry

(3) Internet industry: private business driven by capital, market and technology

2、 The subject evolution of platform competition

(1) The platform of telecommunication, radio and television

(2) The anti platformization of the Internet

3、 Platform alignment final forming

Section 3 how does the platform compete

1、 Building competitiveness from the platform technical function level

(1) Cohesion index

(2) Coordination index

(3) Restructuring power index

(4) Interaction index

(5) Building the theoretical model of information platform competitiveness evaluation

2、 Building competitiveness from the platform business ecosystem

(1) Strategic decision on opening and closing

(2) On the strategic decision of innovation incentive

(3) Strategic decision on competition and Alliance

Section IV dual results of platform competition

1、 Advantages of platform competition

(1) Promote the integration, development and innovation of related industries

(2) Conducive to the increase of public welfare

(3) Effectively promote the national informatization strategy

2、 The disadvantage of platform competition

(1) Repeated construction of infrastructure and waste of industrial resources

(2) Vicious competition violates citizens' privacy and damages public welfare

(3) Absolute freedom and opening up endangers network security and National Information Sovereignty

Summary of this chapter

Chapter V platform regulation

Section I position of platform in national informatization strategy

1、 Platform is the information center in the era of digital network

2、 The strategic significance of platform regulation

3、 Difficulties and challenges in the construction of platform regulation system

Section II the internal logic of three forces promoting the integration of three networks

1、 Technology development is the original power of triple play

II. Industrial game is the core power and resistance of triple play

3、 National will is the leading force of triple play

Section 3 three pole balance of platform regulation in the process of triple play

1、 Government will: content regulation vs technology neutrality -- information security, controllable and manageable

2、 Industrial Development: natural monopoly vs effective competition -- expanding domestic demand and increasing development

3、 Public welfare: commercial interest vs universal service -- national informatization strategy

Section IV strategic assumption of platform regulation

1、 The separation of entity network and information platform

2、 Planning and construction of physical network

3、 Management regulation of information platform

Summary of this chapter



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This book was published by Tsinghua University Press in May 2012 and will be listed soon.

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