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the "reproductive pure body project" of healthy life in the bellows garden has obtained the "sars certification" for 12 consecutive years

Posted by mitry at 2020-03-05

-In 2008, the reproductive industry was certified by Hass for the first time, and this year it has been certified for 12 consecutive years

-According to the "happy and happy" strategy of the bellows Park, it has a high evaluation on the reproductive products and health orientation of using healthy raw materials

-Healthy life of bellows park will continue to strengthen green operation and product safety

Product image of healthy life and pure reproduction of body program in bellows Garden

For the first time in the reproductive industry, the bellows park has been certified by Hayes for 12 consecutive years.

On the 30th, pulluone health life (on behalf of Wu Zhengyu) launched the "reproductive white body plan" by the visiting sales brand pull elder has, which has been certified by the Korean Standards Association for 12 consecutive years this year as LOHAS of the Republic of Korea.

Pulmoune was granted the first license in the reproductive industry in 2008. This certification is not an agricultural product, but an excellent product certification in the field of processed food, so it is of great significance. It is difficult for processed food to obtain certification because of the harsh evaluation conditions of product process, quality, safety and health.

"LOHAS certification" of the Republic of Korea is an environmental protection certification system introduced by Korean standards association in 2006. This is the product, service, space and other systems of enterprises and groups that regard environmental protection and social contribution as the highest priority value. Whether to extend it is decided through annual review. The evaluation project is the health orientation, environment, safety and social responsibility of the product.

In this evaluation, the health orientation of pulmoune's products under the lohus strategy has been highly evaluated. The reproductive pure body program takes into account the diet habits of Korean people, and compared with sugar, Palladino, which contains sugar and has a slower digestion and absorption speed, has a high evaluation.

It contains ingredients that can make customers feel at ease. If the immunity is weak, the cereal gluten which can cause allergic reaction is excluded.

It has also been well evaluated for continuously taking social responsibility for the environment and customer health. Reproductive pure body program pastes "the sign of earth love" on the product, and accumulates 0.1% of sales as "earth love fund". Actively contribute to social values by providing a sustainable environment and products that take customer health into account.

In the production process of the product, the safety has been strengthened and highly evaluated. The reproductive pure body project was first certified by HACCP (key management standard of hazard factors) in the reproductive industry in 2005. It is planned to further strengthen the safety management standard of factory manufacturing facilities for the production of products in the future.

"Based on the mission of" love human and nature's LOHAS enterprise ", we have realized a variety of product innovation activities and green operation. As a result, we have obtained the hace certification for 12 consecutive years," said Han Ruixi (product broker) of pulmoune's healthy life. "In the future, we will also obtain products that meet the LOHAS value." I will work harder to serve customers.

Reproductive pure body plan can be purchased through the national pull elder Hami franchise store and pulluone elder Hami. The price is 13000 won (40gx30 packages) for one month and 26000 won (40gx60 packages) for two months.

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