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the second safety salon of jingdong safety emergency response center opened on 15th

Posted by mitry at 2020-03-07

This year, the topic of wireless and mobile security is very hot. Mobile phone pseudo base station, SMS hijacking, Tesla cracking, polar route cracking, etc. information security has become more and more close to our lives. Vehicles, intelligent furniture, etc. have become hackers' toys. Behind these mysterious and exciting problems, there are those unknown behind the scenes. On November 15, the second security session of The whole Salon "mobile & Wireless Security Salon" will tell you on the spot.

Zhu Lei, manager of Jingdong security business department, said that last year's salon was a good one and received a lot of white hats and industry support. In addition to the Security Department of Jingdong, the speakers of the salon invited 360 and Qiming star security experts as mysterious guests, who will share the knowledge of radio security and IE vulnerabilities.

It is reported that the salon will also hold a live lottery. A beautiful Jingdong card is here. It depends on your luck!

[time] November 15, 2014 (Saturday)

[venue] 2F, Lidu Weijing Hotel, Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

[conference host] Jingdong safety management department

[registration address]