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secwiki weekly (no. 291)

Posted by loope at 2020-03-07
Secwiki weekly (No. 291)

Safety information

[news] Jiangsu cyber police released the Sixth Batch of typical cases of administrative law enforcement of cyber security

[news] Ministry of industry and information technology: strive to exceed 200 billion in the scale of network security industry by 2025

Safety technology

[programming technology] pshark: used wirdshark's Python packet parsing tool (tshark)

[viewpoint] on safe operation

[other] NIST sp800-207: Zero trust architecture draft

[programming technology] javaprobe: a Java application runtime information collection tool From = timeline & isappinstalled = 0

[viewpoint] one of ATT & CK essay series: right brain attack and left brain defense

[magazine] sec wiki weekly (issue 290)

[programming technology] apt map of Russia

[web security] remember the penetration method of using 00 to bombard SMS

[point of view] tactical practice and strategic thinking of network warfare

[programming technology] the websocket protocol that developers must know is

[malicious analysis] dynamic analysis of phpstudy backdoor

[web security] Metinfo 6.2.0 regular matching is not rigorous, resulting in injection + getshell combo

[web security] RDP log forensics and clearing

[web security] malicious domain name recognition system based on hin conduction classification

[malicious analysis] resumption of network war: analysis of Ukraine's secondary power failure

[forensics analysis] technologies related to attack detection and scenario restoration based on log analysis P = 4461

[vulnerability analysis] ThinkPHP deserialization utilization chain in-depth analysis E5% 8F% 8D% E5% Ba% 8F% E5% 88% 97% E5% 8C% 96% E5% 88% A9% E7% 94% A8% E9% 93% be% E6% B7% B1% E5% 85% a5% E5% 88% 86% E6% 9E% 90/

[web security] SDL initial practice - Security Development

[malicious analysis] static malware analysis with ole tools and cyber chef

[vulnerability analysis] details of lolbins: living off the land binaries E8% AF% A6% E8% A7% A3/

[web security] talking about rasp

[malicious analysis] PowerShell advanced remote control analysis based on PowerShell

[vulnerability analysis] Palo Alto global protect gateway device format string vulnerability analysis (cve-2019-1579)

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