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nato's "lock shield" of the world's largest cybersecurity exercise: france wins the title

Posted by loope at 2020-03-07

In the NATO "locked shields" cyber security practice, 1200 cyber security experts guard the virtual country berylia in the form of red blue confrontation, and finally the team composed of French security experts wins.

The annual exercise is the largest cyber security exercise in the world so far. This year's exercise is from April 9 to April 12.

The Czech Republic is second and Sweden third. NATO has not released the full rankings of 23 participating national teams.

Blue teams in 23 countries act as national rapid response teams to assist berylia in dealing with large-scale network events, maintaining about 4000 virtual systems and enduring more than 2500 attacks. The network for the blue team is specially customized for the exercise, including a series of services and platforms, both military and civil.

The shield drill began in 2010. This year's exercises focus on helping improve dialogue between experts and decision makers. For the first time, ccdcoe has been used as the host to integrate the technology and strategy game.


The complexity of many business IT systems and military related systems in the exercise has risen to a new level. For example, this year's distribution system has added power generation components.

In the scenario of the exercise, berylia, a virtual country, is experiencing a deteriorating security situation. While a series of hostile events occur, the mainstream civil Internet service providers and maritime surveillance systems are also under collaborative network attack.

The attacks resulted in serious disruption to power generation and distribution facilities, 4G communication systems, maritime surveillance systems, sewage treatment plants and other critical infrastructure. The goal of the technical exercise is to maintain the operation of various systems under heavy pressure, and its strategic part is to help improve the ability to understand the strategic and strategic decision-making impact.


The lock shield exercise provides participating countries with an excellent opportunity to challenge themselves with experienced opponents in a real but safe training environment. Each blue team must protect a network of more than 150 virtual hosts.

The areas involved in this exercise are difficult for the blue team in recent years, including:

Protect unfamiliar professional systems.

Write a good situation report under limited time pressure.

Detect and mitigate attacks in large and complex IT environments.

Good teamwork.

The lock shield operates on the cyber range platform managed by the Estonian defence forces.

The exercise was jointly organized by NATO, together with the Estonian defense forces, the Finnish defense forces, the United States European Command, the Korean National Security Research Institute and talktech.

The industry partners of this exercise include Siemens, ELISA, Cybernetica, Cisco, threod systems, VTT Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., Arctic security, clarified security, iptron, bittium, STM, bytelife, BHC laboratory, etc.