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in an industry first, oracle brings autonomous operation to linux

Posted by fleschner at 2020-03-10

Oracle is excited to announce the availability ofOracle Autonomous Linux, which extends autonomous capabilities to the Linux operating system. Oracle Autonomous Linux, along with the new Oracle OS Management Service, is the first and only autonomous operating environment that helps greatly reduce complexity and human error to deliver increased cost savings, security, and availability for customers. Introducing Oracle Autonomous Linux Patching and securing operating systems is an ongoing challenge for IT. Tasks can be tedious, error prone, and difficult to manage in large-scale cloud environments. With Oracle Autonomous Linux, you can rely on autonomous capabilities to helpyou keep your systems highly reliable and more secure. More Secure With Oracle Ksplice technology, Oracle Autonomous Linux provideshands-off, automatic security updates every day to the Linux kernel and key user space libraries, with zero downtime. Highly Reliable Automated patching and upgrades, while the system is running, reduce unnecessary and costly downtime. Reducing human errors means achieving higher availability and increasing system and application reliability. Cuts Costs Oracle Autonomous Linux saves labor costs by delivering automated patching, updates, and tuning—including performing routine OS maintenance tasks while the system is running. Introducing Oracle OS Management Service With OS Management Service, you can view operating system details, all available updates, and the status of automated management tasks. OS Management Service lets you create a logical grouping of instances for common tasks such as package updates, and schedule them for immediate, future, or recurring execution. You can also search by CVE data and information, and determine the packages involved and affected instances. Drill down to view details and dependencies and install the package. Cut Your IBM Red Hat Bill to Zero Oracle Autonomous Linux, which is based on Oracle Linux, is 100% application binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Applications that are certified to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux can run on Oracle Autonomous Linux, unmodified. Oracle Linux binaries are provided for patching and updating Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations. No additional support costs for Oracle Autonomous Linux in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure means that if your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations are supported with Oracle Linux updates, you can effectively cut your IBM Red Hat bill to zero. Getting Started To explore how your organization can achieve greater operational efficiency at the lowest cost, start by registering for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account and free trial cloud credits, and download Oracle Autonomous Linux from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace today. To get started with OS Management Service, refer to the documentation. December 17, 2019 update: The Oracle Autonomous Linux image has been moved. It will no longer be available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or the Oracle Images catalog. As of this date, it is available from the Platform Images catalog within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, when creating a compute instance. February 20, 2020 update: OS Management Service is currently generally available in the following Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions: US East (Ashburn), US West (Phoenix), Canada Southeast (Toronto), UK South (London), Germany Central (Frankfurt), Japan East (Tokyo), South Korea Central (Seoul), Brazil East (Sao Paulo), and Australia East (Sydney). More Information Oracle Ups the Ante in Cloud with World's First Autonomous Operating System Oracle Autonomous Linux for Oracle Cloud Oracle Linux Oracle Linux for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Getting Started: Deploying and Configuring Oracle Autonomous Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management Service Documentation