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the setting reveals everything of the z generation

Posted by deeson at 2020-03-15

They are between 16 and 24 years old, and they are big contributors to our customers. " They are generation Z natives: they come to the labor market today and start to discover the world themselves.

First, let's start with the dedication of this generation: people Z live in front of them and use this opportunity to develop a list of ten-year ambitious plans and personal development goals, first and foremost tourism.

In terms of marketing, Z is the brother and sister of generation Y and the child of generation X. the children of generation Z experienced the devastating impact of the recent economic crisis and took an ambiguous attitude towards globalization: they hated globalization, but consumed all its characteristics. ("digital, US brands, air travel, etc.")

Generation Z's supporters, who are just adults, have some specific ideas about their travel plans:

But generation Z is also an influential generation, and it is definitely different from following generation Z.

It's a long program about your current client's children's set ambitions. If you're curious about the relationship between young people and travel, Allianz ("the famous insurance company") has just completed a comprehensive study of the habits of 15-25-year-olds before they leave in the summer. She's also very experienced