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when i dreamed, my mother's kaky

Posted by bax at 2020-02-16

Through the persuasion of the "enemy general" area, we have spared no effort to offer our knowledge and experience in the motherland where the new government is trying its best to pitch the ball and avoid the civil war

Describing Japanese martial arts films Show coskie, a Japanese actor and producer who joined the United States, acted as the lead actor and producer.

On May, the Central Committee of the monthly magazine, in the final battle of 29922222929920, the war of mending the body, fought against the newly renovated government forces. Come to see my mother's friendship start a new life on June. Friendship, tolerance and patriotism that transcend the logic of Zhenrong come to the stage.

Egyptian mother soil and Moff county cadres were escorted to Tokyo and held in the prison of Malu luvuchi in Tokyo. In prison, his mother's curiosity and curiosity did not decline. I buried myself in reading and wrote.

AI laoma inserted 3860904304304301 pieces of chicken or duck's artificial incubator, soap, candle and other methods into "the word of the house" written in prison. He advised his brother to send the book to his brother and become the help of the family. Enomo is convinced that to increase the development and production of industrial technology is the driving force for Japan in the future.

Enomo has been interested in industrial technology and chemical experiments since the Kurdish era. As a soldier, a statesman, and a scientist of excellent quality.

There are also objections in the political circle to the punishment of military cadres of the relief ministry, including the old mother country. There was no adjustment between the Chiu Kyoka (40658 fields) who demanded severe punishment and cherished his mother's land's ability and sakron who advocated saving lives. So mom should be in prison for two and a half years. In Hokkaido development company, rodaka, an official District, conceived industrial technology development in prison. He did not give up his dream of developing Hokkaido and was busy to release him.

In the future, < the theory of ASEM > > (30 1850;; Thanks to your efforts, my mother was released from prison on January 6, 1872, and finally acquitted two months later.

Auroda comes to visit her mother every day and pleads to open up in Hokkaido. In opening up Hokkaido, the United States has also agreed to cooperate. Following President Grant's dispatch of current officers, he invested American capital to turn Hokkaido into litterateur America. In this case, Europa felt a sense of crisis. Think we can't rely on foreigners alone.

But without us cooperation, it is impossible to develop Hokkaido. Therefore, the power of an old mother is needed. Auroda hopes that by exploiting the enthusiasm of Hokkaido in amoto and the quality of scientists trained by studying in Holland, he can develop his career in the same way as the United States.

The old motorcycle was in agony There are also those who resent serving as Bai Chen. But it is also a fact that the dream of Hokkaido's development has become a reality again. Finally, my mother accepted my old mother's request. On March 8, 1872, my mother issued an order at the 4th rank (current age treatment) of pioneering history in the United States. As a vassal of wealth, until the end, the old mother became a senior official in the presidential government. The biggest reason for the change is the friendship of dohadaga.

Friendship with shaved head

9614; the world map just made in 1810 At that time, Japan could also see that the Korean sea was marked as the "Korean sea".

Meiji Restoration is the age of heroes. Sheep (barbarians) and the country around the Japanese islands were divided into a war. Although the battle was brutal, there was also good talk behind it. Among the newcomers, let's learn about Roh moo Hyun's friendship.

Second is the following two generations of cabinet prime ministers. After the madness of okuvo, he became a powerful leader of Sark's whip. Oroda was a member of the armed forces who had participated in the body filling war and the southwest war.

In the end, I took part in politics. Although the prime minister was replaced, there were many scandals. Although it's a rumor that he killed his wife, he is a man of blood and wine, but he has a great sense of knowing people. Under the circumstances of the enemy's commander, he understood the possibility and character of his mother and made contributions to the development of the country.

In order to release the old mother land, the galloping choroda would not even shave her head. As a result of that effort, mom became a free body. Later, he married the daughter of old Rhoda and the eldest son of his mother, and they became relatives.

Giorda is the person who took office as the second generation of cabinet prime minister after the vice-u.s. president of letoshira. Japanese history textbooks will replace the prime minister on February 11, 1889 with the promulgation of the constitution of the Japanese Empire. However, in the hometown of old dado, there is no stone tablet or bronze statue to be made in the present county of gaguma. If it is a replacement for the prime minister, Xuanchang steles and bronze statues should be on the land of their hometown, but gakuma has nothing to build.

The key to the mystery lies in most of his career. The biggest reason is that Xi'an 371111 vigorously led the dispute between the two sides and the people from his hometown committed to paying homage.

Become the pioneer of Hokkaido

At that time, the relationship between the former generation and the younger generation in his hometown and Dali were mutually cherished and respected. Guloda thought he was one after another. In a letter that mey sent to his friend in 1872, the stock wrote the following about groda.

In my opinion, the discussion of mother as a capital punishment turned into lenient punishment theory, which played an important role in auroda's sincerity. It's really reliable. "

In Hadad's the old battle, the last battle of a body mending war, the new government forces joined the army. He was an employee at a demonstration in Chumo Moff County led by his mother But the day before the enemy, mother's life saving petition campaign. There's also a picture of people shaving their heads for petitions.

At that time, coog praised oroda's dedication. It's a compliment to each other. The whistle spoke highly of the character of the district Rhoda and believed that it was the person who led the next generation.

But rouru's theory of determining Korea in 1873. In the disaster war that followed, in order to attack colleagues including relations, he addressed his hometown. And suppress the rebel army In addition, the ancient city of okuvo, after being assassinated in a frenzied way, has become an important town of SASAS Volvo.

It was also commented that in the soda disaster war, he failed to commit suicide and became a normal man after his assassination. It turns out that guloda is a man of outstanding military talents. However, due to the high price of the relationship, after wukuwo was assassinated, the talents of Sasha SAMA were insufficient, so only the people represented by the proposal appeared on the political surface.

On the other hand, through the persuasion and development company with Rhoda friendship, when crossing Hokkaido, the old motorcycle carried out a voluntary investigation around the island of hakao, surrounded by lisikari, jigaka and Savior road. To the north of where the conch bullet was found is Emma amoto. Japan's first meteorological observatory on the island of hako is also my mother. He felt that in order to open up Hokkaido, he needed a meteorological observatory. In the future, my mother will be the president of the meteorological society.

In January 1874, the United States appointed LUMO as the Russian order plenipotentiary commune to negotiate the territory of Russia. And became Japan's first lieutenant general. When fiterbrook took office, my mother signed the "go, rule, rule, strange and mutual treaties" (the alternation of birch, Taitai and Qianhua) after about one year's negotiation. According to the treaty, soshima decided to let Russia own Japan.

In addition, the fishing rights of Japan on the coast of wuhoz and around Cambodia have also been recognized. Since then, the activity of my mother's disclosure has also been very dazzling. He has made a lot of contributions to the foundation of the new Japan. In August 1882, Meidi will become the plenipotentiary commune in Qingdao and go to Beijing.

In 1884, the coup aimed at Japan and other modern constitutional monarchy countries to establish a state began in Korea, and the relations between Qing Dynasty and Japan deteriorated. In order to ease tensions, Japanese plenipotentiary ambassador toshirafo and Qing's Li Hongchang met, and emmatos assisted in the Tianjin treaty.

With the beginning of Mei's cabinet system of 18 years, my mother will be the body of the first itohela cabinet (3699580; In the 21st year (18888) of Meidi, the district cabinet concurrently served as Minister of Posts and telecommunications and permanent Minister of agriculture. He became the chief president of the electricity conference. On February 11 of the next year, moleso (Youli), who was killed on the day of the constitutional press conference of the Japanese Empire, became the God of Wenjun.

But the next year he was dismissed as the standard policy of moral education that emperor mege wanted. Messi became "Minister of foreign affairs of the justice cabinet of matsukuni" when he first massaged massaka in 24 years, and appointed the treaty amendment negotiation.

By the age of 73

9614; One of the protagonists of the American Revolution is okuvo city. /2. The relationship that guloda Keck once respected, dakamori, the protagonist of Messi's reform.

In 1894, the United States took office as the agricultural executive secretary of the second Li Tu cabinet. At this time, in spite of the construction of zhutiechang, many government run factories which are not private enterprises are promoted. But under the responsibility of the black poison incident in the Asian Games, my mother resigned from the Ministry of agriculture and commerce.

In her later years, she became the chairman of the reception of the industrial chemical society. In 33 years, the weekly served as the chairman of the board of directors of Shenyu (Xinxin) district and dokika. The United States retired as a Navy Lieutenant General in October 1905. Mey suffered from kidney disease in July 1908 and closed his eyes on October 26 of the same year. At the age of 73, the cemetery is located in Tokyo District base.

Enoda kaikiki is the head of a Shogun who has defended Kurt from hadakuud and has resisted the new government army. However, after being released as an amnesty in five years, it has contributed to the birth of Japan on the basis of rich technical knowledge and knowledge of international law. But it has not been evaluated in line with its achievements. It was also pointed out that, as the president of the Republic of Iran, he eventually fought with the new government forces.

But in any case, it was all the men who were the presidents of the naval departments at the bottom of the country. For example, they brought zhachao's post office to the top of the world. Some people criticized the "warrior" psychiatric department as "disobedient to two military leaders" as not suitable. It's more difficult to deny the further expansion of criticism in the world when faulkeek and Eugene comment on my mother in this way.

The Japanese, like Mori or the gyadan City Cao (any third party), carry out their beliefs until the end, and are regarded as heroes by tragic people. From this point of view, mom is the opposite. There's no way to hate it. So, should the achievements of the old mother land sink in history like this? Is mom really a renegade?

Enomo and his party fled Sinai and Qianhai with 8 fleets, passed the Northeast Seaway, and took measures to the present Hokkaido. At this time, Kuga and Yoshino house of 15 show counties expressed their deference (deference) to the new government for their diligence in the United States and Turkey. Dokuga and the shogunate have no intention of fighting, Kuga and the regime are collapsing without trace.

However, why did mom and her party continue to resist? As a warrior, he will also be stubborn But mom has a clear purpose. From Sina and the sea, edomo said to jasgas, "great advisor to Detian" (24999; The article has the following sentences.

"We used to want permission to create a path for many reachers and courtiers who fell into the abyss of misfortune, but we didn't allow it. In this way, we can only fight again. "When we left the sensational action, my mother said," relief relief and relief and Russia's aggression are the purpose, not aimed at the court. ".

Forced defection? For the change of dream!

9614; Enomotodata kakey and mage government are moderate and active in many aspects. /2. The second generation of Prime Minister of Japan's regional rodaka. He shaved his head in order to release his mother, todan Kaiji

The Republic of Zhao had the characteristics of being in Japan so far. The first is that the summit greetings were decided by vote. The second is a humanized approach to the management of prisoners. For example, out of the 500 enemy soldiers who surrendered when they attacked massama, the hope sent Omori on board. I agree with those who want to be businessmen. At that time, the captives died unconditionally, which was a rare measure.

The third is the creation of the first Red Cross Hospital in Japan, with Gao Songling of dakama as its president. The soldier was treated for no reason, passed it on to the enemy, and held out from the fire. In the process of studying in Holland, these policies show the unique progressive behavior of mothers. Iran tried to open up measures for Japan and Iran, build new industries, and build a defense line for neighboring countries to attack.

When the motorcycles were in captivity, it was explained below in a letter from his sister and wife. "I want to apply my research results to the development of Hokkaido. But it can't be done any more. "Mom is determined to be executed.

However, there has always been a dream to open up the land of the north and create rich and strong land. Under such circumstances, I hope you can save my mother's life desperately. When I went from Dorka to Hokkaido, I couldn't refuse him.

There is one thing that makes me very sorry for the many comrades who died in the Hadad war Egypt's motorcycles may bear this "cross" for a lifetime. He carried out territorial negotiations with the Russia and peace negotiations with the Qing Dynasty. In place of the three cabinet prime ministers, he served as the Minister of body, Minister of agriculture and trade, Minister of culture, Ministry of finance, Ministry of foreign affairs.

A colonial association was set up to send the immigrants to Mexico, and a scholarship system for the children of God was implemented (to support family education in England). A full-fledged Yuying School of Tokyo Agricultural University was established. As the president of meteorology, the president of the reception of the society of electricity and industrial chemistry, Edom is committed to the revitalization of academic research.

There are critics of aymodo Khaki as a renegade But she wasn't forced to change her life. From Hokkaido to Xintiandi, it has become a rich land. Many unemployed people (Samurai) who came from the alternation of political power have laid the foundation for preparing for a new life.

Moreover, enomo said the birth of a government in Hokkaido would also help the Japanese nation. It is also believed that starting from the north, Russia will strengthen its defense against the "gap". Therefore, after suffering, he accepted the persuasion of oroda and opened up a new government in Hokkaido.

In order to take the country and civil war as the unfortunate people, we should try our best to give full play to our own ideas of knowledge and experience contribution. This is not a turn or a turn. In this case, it is necessary to look back on the characters of my mother adar'a and Leah?

Their rude "red heart" friendship

Edwin shower (1910-1990), a representative Japanese scholar and Ambassador of Japan, is a professor of Harvard University. In the history of the rise and fall of Japanese imperialism, the success factor of modern Japan has become the dream of young people. Their dreams don't seem to have a stake, Lai said This is the driving force for Japan to become the most advanced modern country in East Asia.

In this paragraph the eye-catching word hearts. Our Mandarin dictionary also comes out with words, but they are not easy to use. Do people know the value of the word "red heart" that we forget?

Not only are they not bound by the logic of the camp, they are also trying to wash away the guns of the rescue and "create the country" towards the same goal. Their friendship is not the cultural landscape of the mainland Looking at each other's hearts from afar is a farsighted friendship.

In retrospect, Japan's relationship was saved from the war of bloodless personality, and the friendship between dakamori and gas also existed. The beauty of the Japanese is sincere, that is, God It's a sincere heart. It is the beauty of the mind that is unfolded without modification.

Japan's patriotism and politics are moving forward in this way. They've been buried in one thing all their lives. That's done with sincerity. Understand each other's sincerity, cultivate friendship and patriotism towards greater goals.

Plop is to concentrate on one thing. "Always work hard, work hard, one piece of dedication, always be consistent" is always expressed towards the goal. Believe me. You as long as I am alone, I can not forget that only you are by my side, it can also be said to be a kind of hostility.

Go back to the word enemy heart to see the etymology of the horse. Pure and sincere Naked enemies have "naked, nothing, but naked". Mencius appeared in the "childish heart, there is no dirty children in the world, there is no negative heart.". Is it because the baby's skin looks thin and red?

Anyway, in an era like this, reconsider hostility. Believe in the power of sincerity when the world changes. When reading these people's stories, they think they are stupid people. Such a life is the way we should go.

Instead of hostility, politicians who are greedy for power should ponder. This is an era of orderly world outlook and hidden black heart groups. We should cultivate a person who can distinguish the enemy's heart from the black heart.

Moreover, when an era comes to an end, it is necessary to pay attention to mom's courage to live in the second life without the failure and frustration of despair, so as to make her own experience and skilled world devote to the efforts of "creating a country". The courage to die as easily as a warrior, the beautiful turn of courage to seek the future.

* Cui Zhixian, graduated from South Korean University of Foreign Studies in Chinese and received a master's degree in the discipline of China in the Department of China as a graduate student in the same university. The representative of supporting sea transportation has been appointed successively. Professor, Department of international trade, Chongshi University, lectured on "international transport theory". The reason why works are free As the headmaster of "tourist school", he runs "Japanese school" and "Cuban school". The director will read "classical slow reading" and read classical classical stories.