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take the subway to busan at songting station

Posted by bax at 2020-03-18

Director of planning and Publicity Office of jinqigang North District.

Last month, a signing ceremony was held at the Qinghai news room in the north of Weishan District, which said, "until qingsongting station, please extend the wide area railway". Residents organized "Songting station (tentative) Wan Metro extension operation Promotion Committee" and came to the district government that day. The thrust of advancing the Commission's proposition is simple. That is to say, we hope to extend the wide area train operation from Busan Ketian station to Weishan Taihe River Station and rebuild Songting station.

Why are residents still campaigning for signatures to extend electric vehicles to Songting station? First of all, this is the reason why I have lived in northern Europe so far and experienced too many inconveniences in mass transportation. In recent years, autovalley road has been opened in otowali Road, and the news of the construction of Weishan peripheral ring road came out not long ago. But this is only for the road of private cars, and the improvement of mass transit network is still in its infancy. Although there is an airport nearby, flights to Seoul are limited. KTX takes about 1 hour by bus. Moving to nearby Busan or Qingzhou is not easy either. Residents have to risk inconvenient mood to move to the station.

By the end of Songting station, if the electric vehicle is extended, it is not only Busan, but also Dehe and scholars in Yuzhou county can move easily. Compared with the existing bus movement time, it is also greatly shortened. Residents do not have to go to Taihe River Station, which is more than 10 kilometers away. In terms of cost, wide area rail is also very efficient. The cost of Hibiscus flower is two to three times more than that of wide area iron.

Guangzhanqian railway passed 22 main stations in ketianli, including Busan shift, Donglai, bexco, haiyuntai, Songting, wusyria, Captain, scholar, Dehe, Taihe River, etc. The convenience of Busan and Weishan citizens to and from these areas will be greatly improved.

Therefore, from the standpoint of residents, they can only claim to extend the operation to Songting station, and ask relevant authorities to extend the operation. There is also an objective basis for claiming to extend the operation to Songting station. According to the demand forecast of railway facilities Industrial Park in 2016, the population of Songting station is about 45000. However, on the basis of 2001, the population has increased significantly to 480000. It is estimated that 20000 people will live in Songting homestead area near Songting station in 2009. The number of railway users will increase accordingly.

Some are worried about the deficit. However, due to the small number of users, the capital area wide area railway is expected to run a deficit, but in order to reduce the inconvenience of residents, it is running a long distance to JiangYuanDao and other places. Because it's mass transit. This is not to say that because it's mass transit, we have to bear the deficit. I hope you will pay more attention to the increasing trend of population in Songting station.

By the end of Songting station, if the broadband subway is extended, not only the residents in the north area, but also the residents in the central and east areas nearby will move to the station more easily. Songting station is a history of central area, east area and Beikou area. Therefore, it is also proposed to expand the construction history. If it is assumed to extend the operation of Wan rail, it is necessary to recheck the historical design drawings. It is difficult to extend the operation of wide area railway in the current design history. The expansion of historical scale is a subject to be solved together with Weishan city and the political circle. At present, the signature campaign is being actively carried out with the "Songjing station (temporarily called) wide area railway extension operation Promotion Committee" as the center. One week after the start of the signing campaign, more than 6000 people took part in the signing activity online alone. In less than a month, on April 16, 40000 people exceeded the target number, which can confirm the residents' desire. In order to overcome the boundary of the signature movement of residents' main axis, it is inviting to participate in the signature activities through various residents' activities and district government websites. If we follow the current trend, the number of people who exceed the target will participate in the signing. After the signing campaign in northern Europe, it will work with the Promotion Committee to convey the opinions of residents to the Ministry of land and transportation and the Korea railway commune, In order to extend the operation of Songting station, not only the residents in the north area, but also all citizens in Weishan are expected to pay attention.

The copyright holders forbid wudanzhan materials and cultivation cannons in Shenmen, Weishan

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