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balukado laununlay play coin laundry @ mitaka

Posted by bax at 2020-03-19

Cafe in Japan! Hot dog eating while washing

Balko Landry play Mitsutaka opened on January 19 at south exit of Mitaka station. Recently, there has been a large number of coin launchers with a large washing machine in the area, but it's also a must-have for me as a coin laundry. Because I was worried from the beginning of the first time, I took the first time this time.

Straight about the central street about 5 minutes, turn right at the corner of the fruit shop! It is clear from the appearance, and it is transmitted the new sense coin laundry that has not been before. "Baluku lounge city" has 10 stores around Tokyo and around the capital area, but Mitaka store is the first to have a cafe.

It is a real cafe with drip coffee and espresso. Food, hot dog, toast and sweets. There is also a limited morning set (500 yen) from 9:00 to 11:00. All charges are tax

Great for Italy's espresso machine!

Hot dog sausage is selected from thick and thin. Since the order is made, it is made in the store, and appetite is good for the smell of bread.

Ice cafe latte r size 380 yen, hot dog sour crust

"The sausage is a big way to eat, so I recommend eating it". Sour crust sour taste and consistency. I also liked bread hard. Cafe Latte is so satisfied with espresso and milk.

Chocolate Brownie 290 yen blended coffee

Blend Coffee and chocolate brownies. The chocolate was thick and orange peel served. Because of the juice, my daughter also enjoyed Cafe time!

Wi Fi is available for free at the store. In addition, there are a lot of people who carry a PC and work and study because there is a outlet in this table. Because it is partitioned between the cafe and the laundry, it is a point that neither the sound nor the smell is worried even if I use either.

From washing machine to shoe washer

Actually, I was looking for a coin laundry to wash a big laundry after moving to the area. Because I do not have it, I took the means of washing in the washing machine at home, and cleaning. If you have a large washing machine nearby, you can easily dry the laundry that is hard to dry when the weather is bad.

Because there are many machines here, you can choose the machine according to the quantity of the laundry and the taste. It is easy to understand which machine should be used for the laundry that brought in in the store.

Large washing dryer that washes feather Futon is from M size (10kg) 1000 yen and L size (16KG) 1400 yen. In case of washing only, 10 kg of 400 yen and 14kg of 100 yen / 8 minutes for drying only. Detergent or softener is an automatic injection system, so if you press the button, do the following!

This time, I had two futon covers, one sheet of sheets and one feather Futon.

In particular, the feather Futon is not able to wash with a domestic washing machine, so it is touched to be able to wash jab jab! The family was glad to have a very good scent and a pleasant finish.

In addition, a washing machine for washing shoes is also complete.

The sneaker laundry washer is available for 2 adults and 2 feet for children. About 20 minutes charge is 200 yen. When using dryer is 20 minutes / 100 yen, about 40 to 60 minutes.

"Sneak" that children bring back every week and sneak immediately when playing outside. In the washing machine at home, there is resistance to washing the sneakers, and there are many people who are rubbing with the brush and doing the hand washing. I am one of them. Because it is a washing machine with a brush for sneakers, dirt is likely to fall.

The dirt of the rubber part was especially falling in the clay! It seems that it will pass through because it has almost changed dirt without washing it at home at home.

There is a clean feeling in every corner of the store and can be used safely!

The sterilization spray and the sterilization paper are installed, so you can keep the table and cart to clean the laundry.

In addition, the staff was cleaning more than once a day.

However, it is glad that the person who wants to use the washing dryer etc.That many people use is glad. Baluko washing dryer allows you to clean the drum inside the drum before use, and it has the function to drain the dust in the drum to remove small dust and so on.

Here are some laundry service for laundry and laundry. Staff members are stationed at 9:00-21:00 so that they don't understand. Such a point can be used safely.

In addition, there are two parking lots and a parking lot in front of the store, so it is useful to carry large laundry!

I thought that the coin laundry was a place to visit with the feeling that I had to go to the laundry. Here, "baluku laundly play Mitaka" is a coin laundry that wants to go as a relaxing place to breathe. I want to spend a comfortable laundry time while eating hot dog aiming at the morning time next time.

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