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ibm, "data and ain form" the first artificial intelligence activity in china

Posted by bax at 2020-03-20

Emphasize that "using AI requires appropriate ia"

IBM (South Korean representative Zhang Huazhen) held the first artificial intelligence activity "data and air form" in China on May 5 at the Merdian Hotel, Sandong, Seoul. Websites where AI experts at home and abroad share the latest AI trends, AI introduction cases of various industries, and data application methods.

South Korean IBM representative Zhang Huazhen introduced Vincent while welcoming him. "I seem to be more handsome," said the digital human feelings "beautiful" based on air Watson in a dialogue with Zhang, which made the participants laugh.

"Vincent will play a supporting role in improving people's work efficiency through data learning used in various businesses and actual businesses," said Zhang. "It is expected to be commercialized soon and under development." "The application of IA (Information Architecture) and data is very important to achieve good results by using AI technology.".

Alice dagarin, deputy global business manager of IBM's data and artificial intelligence business division, gave a speech on the theme of "the new future of air, accelerating the AI journey of the enterprise", and said "if there is no IMA, there will be no AI.". With AI, appropriate IA is necessary. Data is constantly generated, and it's very important for people who control data.

In addition, it also introduces the cases of famous people at home and abroad using AI and the efficiency of IBM AI technology. In addition, Kim Jong Hoon introduced the most curious things of the attendees through the group discussion of IBM special service in South Korea.

Through this activity, IBM's relevant people emphasized "modern Akita protection", established the analysis basis for business preparation, made data singular, ensured reliability, reliability and transparency, established AI and expansion, and gradually realized the AI strategy based on data such as AI operation Put forward the method, "successful AI must have successful data", then add: "the most difficult work of AAI is to collect and analyze data, how to use the collected data is the key."

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