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ssun125 / lanmitm: android man in the middle attack test tool

Posted by fleschner at 2020-03-21

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#####Detailed introduction:

#####Download instructions: please directly enter the download directory to download the installation file, and import the development version into eclipse to run

Update history

####V1.2.1 Version Description (2014-12-15)

1. Fix bugs

####V1.2 Version Description (December 12, 2014)

1. Add no access function

2. Add necessary tools for bootstrap installation

####V1.1 Version Description (2014-12-09)

1. Add code injection function

####V1.0 Version Description (2014-11-30)

1. Support LAN packet capturing

2. LAN session hijacking

Function overview

Data sniffing, which can catch the communication data between the internal host and the external

Session hijacking, through the implementation of ARP Spoofing and cookie spoofing to the host in LAN, achieves the effect of hijacking session

Simple web server function, combined with the following functions to implement phishing

Code injection, through data interception, tamper with the data returned by the remote host to achieve the effect of code injection

End of WiFi, interrupt the communication between the host in LAN and the outside

URL redirection to implement DNS spoofing. With the above web server function, the phishing and deception function can be implemented (to be continued)

Effect preview

Installation prerequisites

Android mobile 2.3 and above, must be root

Busybox installed

Later words

Although the application has a single function, it is written slowly by myself, and I will continue to update it. If you have any ideas or want to learn, you are welcome to communicate with me, or directly contribute the code