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faq of hotel accommodation, members and points

Posted by melchionda at 2020-03-21

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The Plaza Hotel, New York

This article is an extension of FAQ of the bank. It mainly summarizes and answers some frequently asked questions related to the frequent flyer plan of the hotel, which may not be detailed for a certain hotel. I hope that I can help you all. If you have any questions that we didn't expect, please reply in the message area. We will update this list according to the situation. Thank you~

Hotel reservations and SNP related issues

What do you mean by SNP?

SNP is short for stay, night, points.

Is the credit card for 2S 5N redeemable for accommodation?

This question has been asked by many friends who hold SPG co branded cards. It is not used to exchange for free night, but for calculation and grading. For example, SPG gold card requires 10s or 25N a year, and the credit card gives you the effective accommodation and nights included in the 10s25n. For example, if you take a 2s5n, you can only get the gold card level if you live for 8s or 20n. The same Marriott credit card gives 15N a year for this calculation.

Can the SNP that opens a few rooms at the same time accumulate to my account?

Open several rooms at the same time in the same hotel is generally called open more. Open more clearly can accumulate effective SNP only SPG, which stipulates that the maximum of three rooms can accumulate stay / night / points at the same time. Other IHG / Marriott / Hilton / Hyatt can only accumulate one room's stay and night, and Hilton can accumulate the points of the second room.

But there's a little extra skill that can help you at least accumulate more points: talk to the hotel and ask to put all the rooms' accounts under one room, so that the room actually accumulates the points of all the rooms.

Why can't the third party get the SNP?

Because the hotel has to give money to the third party, often the price is not low. Therefore, in order to encourage everyone to book rooms on their own official website, the hotel adopts BRG policy, and the third party does not accumulate SNP.

Why can FHR and prestige have SNP?

Because FHR, prestige is actually a qualified travel agent. To put it simply, you can understand this: you call prestige customer service, and the customer service opens the official website to help you book a room from the official website.

An important sign to distinguish the official website from the third party is who collects the money. After you make the FHR / prestige / visa luxury hotel / MasterCard luxury travel, the hotel will collect the money, while Expedia / Priceline / Amex travel will collect the money.

What about the price reduction after booking the hotel?

First of all, it should be understood that the earlier a hotel is booked, the cheaper it will be. It is also common for a hotel to reduce its price after booking. Generally speaking, you can try to call the hotel to ask for a match at a lower price (note that this is not BRG, don't mix it up), but the hotel has the right to refuse your request, so the mentality should be set. If you are booked by a third party and then the price is reduced, you have to find a third party, and the hotel will not pay attention to you.

How can I book a hotel cheapest?

This question can't be answered honestly. We're going to write an article about various hotel booking techniques that can be used to help save money. This involves booking time, various promotions or group codes, rational use of BRG, etc. Here I can briefly say a few more useful:

Can the SNP be accumulated to the Marriott (SPG) account when booking the SPG (Marriott) hotel?

Although the two groups are the same now, frequent flyer plans have not been merged yet, so it is impossible to book the Marriott Hotel on the SPG website, or to accumulate with each other.

Points exchange and FN related issues

What does pure C, pure p, and C + P mean?

They are: cash, points, cash + points. Corresponding to three common payment methods, full payment, full point and cash + point combination.

Can pure p or C + P accumulate s / N?

Under the existing policies, all major groups (SPG, Marriott, IHG, Hyatt, Hilton) can accumulate.

Can the cash part of C + P still accumulate points?

There are and only Hyatt accumulation points, other (SPG / Marriott / IHG / Hilton) are not allowed.

Why does the same hotel need different points sometimes?

There are two possibilities: one is that part of the exchange rules are divided into off-season and peak season. For example, the hotel of SPG category 5 has 12K points for one night in off-season, 16K points for one night in peak season, or points will fluctuate with the market price like Hilton; the other is that the room types you see are different. The advanced room type (if you can change it) needs more points than the basic room.

What do you mean by FN?

FN is the abbreviation of free night certificate. It's a room voucher for one night's free stay in a hotel. It's usually a credit card or a gift for activities.

Hyatt, why can't I use FN?

This feeling is generally their web page problem, call it.

Hyatt knows that the basic house can be ordered in cash. Why not count?

This is a point that some Hyatt Hotels have no conscience: they set the real basic room as a room with only a few rooms in extremely poor conditions, so it is easy to sell out, and a large number of real "basic rooms" can not be ordered with points and FN. Of course, it doesn't rule out that if there is a bug in their system, it just doesn't show up. You can call to check.

Why does SPG prompt me to call to redeem the point room?

Because the basic house is sold out, SPG's rule is that all the houses above the basic house can only be determined by points.

Can SPG (Marriott) points, FN (or gift bag) exchange for the Marriott (SPG) hotel?

Although the two groups are the same now, but the frequent flyer plan has not been merged yet, so it can't be However, points can be exchanged at any time 1:3, as long as they are reserved in the past.

What should I do if my FN is going to expire?

First of all, it is better to have a plan to use FN before applying for the card, so as not to forget that your account and FN result have expired. If FN is really out of date, you can try to call the customer service of frequent flyer program:

I really can't. let's ask friends in the circle of friends if they can "sell" the cheap money they get to them.

Hotel membership and treatment related issues

Is there any way to get a gold card or a platinum card faster?

There are generally two ways:

What does a beggar's room mean?

It means the most basic room type. Generally, the point exchange or free night exchange is aimed at the most basic room type price. The advanced room type is either not exchangeable or has to be increased.

Can third party booking enjoy membership?

Like SNP, Hyatt / IHG / SPG / Hilton does not recognize the member benefits of third-party booking, although you can talk with the front desk to persuade you to pay. Marriott is very kind to admit the third party's reservation.

How do I know if I have breakfast in my reservation?

Anyway, there will be. As long as you are willing to pay, ha ha ha, just kidding.

Is there any breakfast generally judged by two criteria: 1. Does the price include breakfast? Some room rates include breakfast, or some hotels bring their own free breakfast, which will be displayed from your reservation information. 2. Membership treatment, such as Hilton gold / diamond and Marriott gold / platinum, includes breakfast treatment, but not all brands have this treatment. Check the official website for details. About breakfast, we have a very detailed summary article for you to refer to: Hotel Group Free Breakfast policy summary.

This is a gold card / platinum card (diamond card). Will the hotel upgrade my suite?

At present, there should be no frequent flyer plan that guarantees 100% suite upgrade. Even SPG and Hyatt are based on the following two premises: 1. If the room status allows, if the suite is full, it must not be upgraded; 2 The upgrade is also limited to the basic suite. The higher-level suites are not included in the list of upgrades. There is a small chance that they will be lucky to be upgraded to the top suite, but they will be upgraded to the basic suite at most.

Even if there is such a rule that you can upgrade the suite, the hotel itself has a lot of right to handle it. If they think they can sell well, they will not upgrade even if they have a suite (this situation can be appropriately communicated). In short, even the highest level of platinum or Diamond members, suite upgrade is not fully guaranteed.

So can I guarantee an upgrade if I reserve a room below the suite?

I'm not sure. The reason is also mentioned above. I feel that this question is also being asked everywhere, so it can be said that the probability may be higher, but it is still not guaranteed.

I am a platinum (or diamond) member. When I check in, the hotel also shows that there is a basic set to reserve. Why not upgrade me?

This is what I mentioned above. In fact, the hotel itself has the right to decide not to upgrade its members. I will not upgrade your members if I sell the ones that can make money

In general, people like to ask the front desk directly with their mobile phones when they check in: "don't you think this suite is still on sale, why not upgrade it?" We often get routine replies: "actually, we've sold it. We haven't locked it yet. The system hasn't been updated. There's a problem in the background." This kind of, anyway, you know it's just a routine. People really don't want to upgrade you. It's not good to be shameless (if it's too fierce, the hotel can directly remark and blackmail you).

How can I live in a suite? Or how to get the upgrade?

Rich people buy Suites directly, ha ha ha ha.

I feel that there are just a few commonly used suites that can be cheaper:

If you want to lock the suite in advance, you can either buy it in advance, or rely on the suite coupon (Hyatt has more advantages) or points. Generally speaking, the result of heart to heart talk is only known by the hotel. If you are lucky, the hotel will lock the room for you in advance. The worst thing is that heart to heart talk is useless. More often, we rely on membership + talk to upgrade.

In fact, sometimes it's not necessary to live in a suite, and some non suite senior rooms are also quite good, especially the basic ones sometimes don't have the best landscape, but some more advanced non suite rooms can. So you don't have to focus on the suites. The upgraded ones are similar to the ones above.

What are the skills of heart talk?

Of course, it's worth writing an article specifically to say that good communication skills can greatly increase the probability of acquisition. Here are also some commonly used routines:

I'd like to remind you again that you should listen to heaven's orders as much as possible. Even if you don't upgrade, don't take it for granted.

What's the Executive / club lounge for?

The simplest and most practical way is to provide free eating and drinking places for everyone. Breakfast in Hotels with lounges will also be provided in lounges.

A good lounge will be a big attraction of the hotel. For example, we all know that lounges in China often eat or drink, and only biscuit bubble water in the United States

There are several ways to obtain lounge acess:

Can I get into the lounge when I upgrade to the executive floor?

It is because of the frequent disputes in China that this issue is put forward separately. In foreign countries, if you upgrade to the executive floor, you do have access.

But I don't know why there are frequent Hotel upgrades in China, but I don't admit that guests have lounge access. I often see similar complaints in the Airbus Forum (Starwood has many anyway). In principle, if you upgrade to the executive floor, you will be paid. I don't know why there are so many disputes. In a word, it's just to remind you. If you encounter at least psychological preparation, you can respond with reasonable grounds instead of being forced to make a big noise.

Can I bring anyone into the lounge?

Of course not. Generally, there are two people in one room at most. Sometimes I even send someone to check the number of people.

Reservation questions for others

Can I make a reservation from my account?

This problem can be divided into two types: booking for others in cash and booking for others with your own points and room vouchers. For the former, we wrote the article "how to book hotel rooms for relatives and friends with your own account", which you can refer to. The latter see the next question.

Can I book the points and room vouchers in my account?

In fact, many hotel groups have made it clear that they can directly use points to book for others, on the condition that when you book, you will say that I am booking for XXX, please write the name of XXX directly.

In a word, you can still refer to: how to use your own account to book hotel rooms for relatives and friends.

Can she / he enjoy my gold / platinum card treatment when I help others to book a room?

If you go to check in yourself, it's no problem.

If you are not present, then by circumstances:

Can I still accumulate SNP when I help others to book a room?

First of all, we need to identify the basis of this problem: your name will appear on the reservation. If you only write other people's names (whether it's cash or points / room vouchers) directly when you make the reservation, they will not be accumulated on your account (sometimes there are bugs).

So what I want to ask is: I have booked a room with cash / points / FN, I have added my friends to the list of fellow residents, I will not go to the hotel and he will stay by himself, can he still accumulate it in my account? In principle, it's OK, but if you don't go to the hotel, you're actually playing a sidekick. It doesn't rule out the risk of you operating too many times and being found by the hotel and reporting the seal number. However, in Asia (especially in China), if the subscriber does not go to the on-site Hotel, he / she will not check in for you, so in China, if he / she wants to book SNP on behalf of him / her, he / she has to check in in person.

The article we quoted above also said: "how to use your own account to book hotel rooms for relatives and friends", welcome to refer.

Other questions

Can I put the frequent flyer number of the co branded card into someone else's account?

This is also a question that is often asked but not allowed. When applying, the name of the main account person of the joint card must be the same as the name of the frequent flyer account, but in fact, many times, the frequent flyer number directly linked to others can also be passed in the system. Therefore, we don't recommend this. Please bear the actual risk. If you are found out, you will be punished.

What do you mean by the lecture room?

The lecture room is actually an offer for the hotel to promote time-sharing holiday. It gives you some nice looking hotel deals, on the condition that you have to listen to them during your stay to promote time-sharing holiday, so it is called the lecture room. Generally, we suggest that we can take the offer of the lecture room, because there is often a lot of oil and water, but do not buy the time-sharing holiday.

We also have a special article about the lecture room to introduce the time-sharing holiday (Lecture Room) in detail.

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