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flight and flight: two "borrowed" aircraft to loudun and cholet

Posted by bax at 2020-03-23

Dr400 of LUDEN airport Club

This is rocambolesque's case, but in some ways, it's worrisome.

Last Thursday, January 25, a small Robin dr400 plane was stolen at LUDEN Airport South of Hinon. The device was then installed at Cholet airport, 80 km away.

The passengers of the dr400 were apparently confirmed pilots and then "borrowed" a second plane. The piper PA28 belongs to pontreau air club and is completely illegal at the end of the night. Then he landed in LUDEN, where he was abandoned.

The two "borrowed" planes are quarterbacks, which means there is more than one passenger on board.

Ongoing investigation

Gendarmes of Bordeaux and Nantes air transport are in contact with their colleagues in the Paris Charles de Gaulle research department to investigate. On Monday, the two planes had yet to find their respective fastening areas.

Investigators kept a low profile, but they were heading for a small aviation center in LUDEN, the city where the case began. The incident shocked the authorities, as LUDEN was located 20 kilometers from Hinon, where there was an identifiable nuclear power plant, all of which were located in the famous "boule", the site of the first French civilian reactor that began operation in 1963.

However, the air force must issue a warning, confirming that "... During the night of January 25-26, 2018, the Air Force conducted air activities between loudun, La Roche sur yon and Cholet". CNOA followed the flights.

According to reports, two mirages, the orange operation center, have entered a state of alert. According to the air force, the aircraft did not take off and did not fly over any sensitive areas. ".