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introduce giant's latest xtc 29 lineup!

Posted by deeson at 2020-03-28

The latest XTC 29 lineup includes two series: XTC advance ss29 and XTC advanced 29. The carbon composite frame, which is suitable for both series, has been improved to reduce the overall weight and improve the performance compared with the previous one.

In order to optimize the stability and speed of the 29 inch roller on XC terrain, the carbon car is designed to accelerate rapidly on the track and have a good responsive steering wheel. The frame is adjusted according to the size of the finished car, customized customized customized customized customized customized customized customized customized customized customized customized according to each size, which does not reduce the rigidity of the frame, and optimizes the vertical combination of friends.

With the change of framework material, the demand of analyst of giant Pro XC has improved, and it provides excellent riding quality with high responsiveness to the uphill road, as well as excellent control on the rough XC runway and track. Although the aggressive 69.5-degree headpipe angle is very fast, the confident front steering wheel and 73.5-degree turntable angle are effective climbing to help Ryder occupy the front desk position stably.

Both frames are designed for 100 mm hovering fork to reduce weight and maintain strength. In order to improve riding quality, the lifebuoy shape is optimized. All the latest models are designed with 30.9mm hard surface, so it is easy to change to variable post when riding on aggressive XC terrain.

Boost hub set provides a solid roller skating performance, ensures sufficient tire cleaning and improves steering wheel performance on the track. Moreover, all models adopt the technology of giant hosting system. Each bike comes on the market with giant's wheel system and inner tube non slip tires, which can experience the benefits of improved grounding, soft track control, and reduced risk of tire fission.


In the history of the world cup, the newly designed framework, the latest XTC Advanced SS29, is the lightest cross-country bike made by GIANT. The ultra light chassis is made of advanced SSL carbon by hand (M code standard) and weighs about 920g. In addition, g.o.mert also optimizes the balanced and stable fast rolling 29 inch wheels. The design of each combination is made of specific carbonators with different frame sizes. It's the best performance for flexible climbing efficiency, rough roots, rocks, wheel traces and other soft combination flyance and XC lace.


Using giant advanced grade carbon composite, the handmade XTC advanced 29 frame (M size standard) is about 995g, which has obvious weight compared with 1259g of the previous version. Like professional XTC advanced 29 SL, XTC advanced 29 is also handmade according to the schedule of a sample composite rain of frame size, with the best weight contrast rigidity ratio and the most suitable vertical compass. As a result, from the hillside, on the fast single track, a bicycle that can provide self-confidence and control was born. In addition, the same boost center paging as the professional XTC advanced ss29 is used, which improves the strength of the wheels and ensures sufficient use of large capacity tires.

For detailed information and technical description of the 2020 XTC 29 lineup, photos can be confirmed here.