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how soon is it

Posted by bax at 2020-03-30

The baby who finally got over the pain and met finally. Although it is supposed to be two love crystals, is it me alone? Do you care for your husband? Anyone else -- " It is said to be "one OP child raising" of father's absence. I think there are still few such families. The number of the national public servants of the national public servants announced on the 30th exceeded 20% for the first time, but the private sector is still about 6%. However, there was a company that tried to take care of the male employee in the care industry which should be insufficient in the hand. It is not natural to say that it is natural, "man's calamity". The result is Network reporter

Impact on the scene

The company's "lifetime media", which is a nursing project, visited Tokyo. Last summer, there was an offer from a man of physiotherapist who said, "I want to take care of my life". There are a total of 19 visiting nursing staff in Suginami ward. There were only 7 physical therapists.


Masaki Kaneko, the representative director, spoke honestly.

I was a child raising generation, but I didn't take care of my family. I was planning to meet my birth, but after all I did not work. What do you think of men? "

Still, Kaneko joined the seminar in Tokyo to promote the man's getting away.

There was a thought of how to manage it for three months, but it was recognized that the seminar of the man is important in the seminar. He told me, "I'll try to do nothing without thinking," and asked about two months ago when a man went to a calamity, he gathered an employee and understood it. "He will take a rest. I want to hire a new person as much as possible, but I don't know if I can do it, so I've asked them to concentrate on each job and get three months. The scene was honest and shaking. Because there is one person suddenly. But now I'm going to be a supporter, but I'll try to do one demo. I think the image is about 1.2 times as much, and I'm dissatisfied. "

` my dear fellow? '

Other employees were surprised at first.

Midori shimaguchi, a nurse, said, "first? I don't think that it is a schedule or a little serious though it is a schedule, and it becomes a little serious, but the flow of the age, or the environment where the woman is pregnant, childbirth, and childcare is not arranged, and the child doesn't increase, and the feeling that I want to do is a small company "

First off schedule

But the plan to adopt a new person did not work well. So, we decided to increase the number of patients who visit nursing care for about 60 minutes per person from 5 to 6 in a day, and to get the cooperation of the customer to shorten the time per hour to 40 minutes.

My co-worker, shimaguchi, said, "it was hard for me to take care of my family for a long time. I quit my job after giving birth to my wife, so I can help with the advancement of women in society. It is good for the husband to share the burden together not only in the old days but also to the woman.

I want to take care of

Yosuke Takada, a physiotherapist, took up nursing care (34). I got it to the birth of the second child. The baby must refrain from going out until a medical examination for one month after birth.

In the meantime, there is no person who welcomes the first child of the first child to the nursery school, and it is said that it offered the nursing care.

"Rather than hope, I didn't even go to the place where my wife was going to pick up my baby, and I didn't even go out of my way, and my parents were also working, so I started to examine at least one month and I consulted with my company and my colleagues. I knew that it was impossible to take the course as a system, but it was not natural, and everyone didn't necessarily take care of it, so it was uneasy how I felt about them. "

What can be used...

The chief director, Kaneko, has seen his business in Tokyo for 15 days or more. About 160 million yen entered the company with the subsidy of the country in the system where the maximum of 3 million yen is supplied.

In order to reduce it to the employee in the visible form, I made an annual commendation system for three years, five years, and more than ten years, and decided to pass the temporary money.

If you try to bring up

At the same time, the reform of the way of working has been promoted, such as that it can obtain paid leave in time unit instead of one day. As a result, it is said that the overtime hours did not increase for three months when Mr. Hotta was absent.

Because of these reforms, the average annual career of employees has been extended from "three years strong" three years ago to "less than five years."

There was an unexpected benefit because the rate of fixing of employees increased. Experienced employees were able to provide higher quality services and last year sales increased by 7 percent compared with the previous year.

At the same time, though the performance was growing, I think that the background had a low fixing rate of the employee. It is not possible to provide a good service if you do not train staff. I think that the company has to offer the ease and the sense of security of the staff side. "

Kaneko has held a memorial service in consideration of the employees who covered the work of Mr. Hotta, and met Hotta San once a month.

Take care of

Hotta said that she was able to take care of her baby for three years, of course, because she had taken care of her baby.

Until then, it was the feeling of "mamma, mama", and it was not possible to cope with not being a wife, but I became involved, and it became much to do with me. Because my wife's burden was reduced and appreciated, it was the best time for my wife, for myself and for my children. Because it works by husband and wife, it is hard to do housework and childcare by one person. If only one of them gets tired and tired, it is annoyed by the cry of a child, and it thinks that it gets to the thing. It is said that it may be done by two people, but it will be less than one person.

A still severe reality

Hotta San's getting away is an ideal success case. However, it is true that men still have high hurdles to get a holiday.

The national government official official said on Wednesday that the rate of getting rid of the national government official was 21.6 percent. It has been over 20% for the first time and has been updated for six years.

On the other hand, according to a survey by the Ministry of health, labour and welfare, the rate of getting rid of private companies was 82.2% in the last year, but only 6.16 percent in males. Although it is increasing year by year, it is the present state that it is far from the goal of the government to make 13% in 2020.

On the other hand, according to a questionnaire conducted by the company of the change office, "en Japan", about 86 men and women over 35 years old, 86% of men answered that they would like to get a retirement, and 53% of the total agreed to make a man's retirement. For the reason why the rate of acquisition is low, there were many voices such as "there is no atmosphere which is easy to take in the company" and "the system is not sufficient".

I want to take it

Regarding this situation, I asked the manager, Y. Taniguchi Taniguchi of the Tokyo Shoka foundation, a foreign company in Tokyo.

The manager of Taniguchi said, "especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to take a rest even if I want to take a rest, and from the employee side, there is a wall that doesn't have the climate and the environment which says that the acquisition of the retirement is taken, and it is hard to say. Therefore, it is easy to get the remuneration by giving the incentive to the enterprise side, and the employee side also thinks that "this system is possible", and it is easy to offer the corporate side acquisition of the rearing to the company side.

However, in this interview, I applied to the multiple companies using the incentive, but "it happened to happen that the time of the work and the time to rest is matched, and I got one person, but the other person cannot do the same way..." "I don't particularly promote it as a company..." There was a case where the interview was refused.

Mr. Taniguchi said, "there is still the climate of" pa "difficult to take care of, and there are still many people who hesitate. I think that it will not change suddenly, but I want to be able to know the system so that it can spread in the long term and gradually spread. "

I had advice to Mr. Kaneko who had benefited from getting out of the house.

I think it's a challenge. It is said that it is not possible to do it because it is a medical industry, and the employee is said to stop it. I think that it is a season now.

The company's business content, size, and personnel awareness. There are various circumstances, and it is a fact that many companies still have difficulty in getting a nursing home. However, it is thought that there is such a success example in the care industry where the shortage of the hand is serious, and the specialty is required, and it is worth trying.

Why don't you come up with a man employee?