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computex taipei 2019

Posted by muschett at 2020-03-31

"Computex Taisha" held in Taiwan and Taipei every year in late may or early June. It is an it related exhibition held in Taiwan, and there are many exhibitions of electronic equipment related to the main part of the PC, but this year is the flow of the age or "5g" as one theme. For example, Qualcomm has announced the renovo and 5g Notebook PC, and Computex has also exhibited exhibitions and announcements.

Computex Taipei 2019 is the key word of

Qualcomm and Lenovo announce 5g notebook

Taiwan's network related equipment manufacturers are also focused on 5g. Askey displays a 5g indoor equipment (CPE) development model for home. The target is the product corresponding to 600 MHz for T-Mobile. Taiwan's 5g start is still ahead and the assignment of the frequency is 2020 schedule and ahead.

Askey 5g CPE for American Mobile

First of all, I think that I want to make sales to the communication carrier at the start of 5g in Taiwan while making the result in overseas. Of course, I think about development to Japan and Europe etc.

Gemtek also posted a 5g character in the center of booth. This corresponds to the millimeter wave, the bands n257, n260, and n261.

Gemtek also exhibited 5g CPE

MEG smart technology exhibited 5g module, 5g pocket Wi Fi router and 5g CPE. Wi Fi router is expected to be sold in the U. s.for sub-6 GHz. The 5g CPE has the same shape as the mockup announced by Takumi Japan in Japan in April. The 5g CPE of Takumi Japan may be this MIG's ODM article. It is said that the 5g modem adopts "SDX 55" of Qualcomm.

MEG 5g Wi Fi router

5g CPE is similar to product presented by Takumi Japan

The exhibition of smarttex related to Computex taipe202019 is not so much for mobile. But 5g will be the replacement of wired networks, and the start of 5g accelerates mobile edge computing. 5g related displays by communication equipment and PC related manufacturers may become more visible in Computex since next year.

Computex Taipei 2019

PC related manufacturers are accelerating entry into the 5g Market