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secwiki weekly (issue 309)

Posted by barkins at 2020-04-02
Secwiki weekly (issue 309)

Safety information

[regulations] review of network security policies and regulations in 2019

Safety technology

[Web security] 23 ways to collect and organize files for download

[web security] att & CK red team evaluation real-world shooting range vulnstack

[web security] java code audit Introduction (1)

[vulnerability analysis] code injection in workflow leading to SharePoint rce (cve-2020-0646)

[data mining] industrial knowledge map: experience and challenges tgm0a

[web security] record the continuous penetration test of forgery bypass of a signature verification mechanism

[vulnerability analysis] remote cloud execution (RCE): vulnerability analysis in azure Cloud Architecture (Part 1)

[data mining] redefining "detection" and "analysis" from the perspective of products

[vulnerability analysis] some exploration on the authentication mechanism of Zimbra mail service ﹐ srzby1bbejqclmf-a

[malicious analysis] emergency response checklist: emergency response guide

[magazine] sec wiki weekly (issue 308)

[malicious analysis] dailyioc: IOC from articles, tweets for archives

[tools] iotshark - monitoring and analyzing IOT trafficttps://

[data mining] the third plan in the final of the first Chinese nl2sql challenge + code

[forensic analysis] decrypt WhatsApp encrypted media files

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