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start in a system tray in the first world of nine-fold package contents

Posted by mitry at 2020-04-03

Nov 21,2019 01:08:00 PM IST

New Delhi/Ahmadabad. Austria's third largest plastic packaging content in the world of origin is Kanstansia Flexible launched his new Indian system Thursday to create nine-time packaging items. The World's First Machine. Indian ambassador to Australia, Ms. B. Olshofer, is approaching the village of Moria, the sound of Ahmad Abdad. of the universe.

Starting a new life in a flexible packaging world

In the 16 countries of the world, 38 countries and 1 billion arab 60 million Euros, CYO Alexander Bulgarian reported It was also reported that the company's total of two systems in Gujarat. The new industry is a global product, and It's started a new life in the world of flexible packaging. The bids of companies like your packaging content are also in their existing systems at the time of their arrival. will produce this product called Ecolam.

Austrian company does not want to enter China

In response to a question, he said that the current government's plastic policy in India is right for their company. Five years in India The first entering company is better than any other country. There's no company in China and there's no entering. Not at all. Its total employment in India is spending 950 million last year. countries will also be exported.