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ppf account: good news for accounts! rule of payment on post office

Posted by bax at 2020-04-04

PPF Account: First rule was that accountant 25, They couldn't collect more than a thousand checks. No customer could go to the post office and collect the merchandise, but now they're not. You can collect money in any kind of vegetable account.

New Delhi. Published on: December 25, 2019 7:19 PM

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PPF Account:Public Provider Fund (PPF) accounts have increased the port of the post. The government has assembled the post office PPF accounts The limit has been changed. The new regulation is now in the post office, the PSF, the payment upgrade order, a small savings account, 25, There are more than a thousand dollars to collect. The service can collect POSB accounts.

The first rule was that the accounts couldn't collect more than 25,000 checks. No customers could go to the post office and collect the money, but It's not now. The customer can collect the money in any kind of glass.

The actual report was constantly getting instructions on it. Clients asked to increase this limit. Pay attention to the problem of customers. The limit is decided to increase. Now, the head of the Ord goes to the Norman Home Post Office in France and his post office services. Can collect checks for any amount of money in the account. This is provided on a simple coin upgrade, NSA, FDI, and RDI account.

Notify that the input in the short save plans of the post office is considered sufficiently secure. For small services, there are several types of mail offices. It does. There is a save account, a recycling diplomat, a public provider fund, a small development letter, a rescue scheme like a mask.

So if we talk about the business that's going to get on the little savings plans of the post office, that's pretty interesting. 8.4% on the plan, 8.6% on the annual national savings plan, 7.9% on the national savings letter, 7.6% on the small development letter, and 7.7% on the post office (for 5 years) Payment rate.

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