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Posted by melchionda at 2020-04-05

"The premise of talent training is to do well in learning, and the construction of Cyberspace Security discipline is the key to talent training." Shen Changxiang, an outstanding network security talent and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said.

During 2016 national cyber security publicity week, Shen Changxiang, who has appealed for ten years to establish cyber security as the first discipline in China, also offered a good plan for training Cyberspace Security talents.

In the final analysis, the competition of cyberspace is the competition of talents. General secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the importance of network security talents. Xi Jinping asked, "to strengthen the construction of cyberspace safety talents, and create a high-quality, strong combat personnel."

Shen said that talent is the first resource. Only by reading the talent manual can we get twice the result with half the effort. Network security talents have become the core of national competition. Safeguarding the national sovereignty of cyberspace has become an important national strategy. The key to win the battle of cyberspace is talents.

The construction of Cyberspace Security subject should follow the "barrel principle"

In June last year, the State Council issued a notice on the establishment of a first-class discipline of Cyberspace Security, which pointed out that we should speed up the construction of talents in cyberspace discipline and do a good job in the construction of talents.

In June 2016, the central network information office, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of human resources and Social Security jointly issued the "opinions on strengthening the construction of network security discipline and personnel training", and put forward eight opinions on "strengthening the construction of network security discipline and personnel training".

Shen Changxiang believes that cyberspace involves mathematics, computer science and control, information and communication engineering and many other disciplines, and has formed a relatively independent field of teaching and research, and has become a relatively independent field of teaching and research, so it should be said to be a first-class discipline.

What kind of talents should Cyberspace Security discipline cultivate? Shen Changxiang said that the training of Cyberspace Security discipline enables students to master the basic theory and technical methods of password and Cyberspace Security, master the relevant expertise of information system security, network infrastructure security, information content security and information confrontation, and have a high comprehensive professional quality of Cyberspace Security, strong practical ability and innovation ability, and be able to undertake scientific research Scientific research, technological development and management of Cyberspace Security in institutions, enterprises and administrative departments.

For the orientation of the discipline, Shen Changxiang believes that there should be five orientations: security foundation, cryptography and application, system security, network security and application security.

The information security system is a complex system, which must adopt the thought method of comprehensive integration from qualitative to quantitative to pursue the overall efficiency.

From the point of view of system engineering methodology, cyberspace security can not be simply handled from the point of view of reductionism, but must follow the "barrel principle" and pay attention to the overall security.

Great efforts should be made to do well in learning, reform and innovation

"We need to work hard and make a lot of money. We need excellent teachers to compile excellent teaching materials, recruit excellent students and build a first-class Cyberspace Security College.". Shen Changxiang said that this requires reform and innovation. From the perspective of the urgent need for national security strategy, special affairs are specially handled.

At present, China's cyberspace talent demand is extremely urgent, Shen Changxiang put forward six suggestions, one is to guide the national cyberspace security discipline construction as a whole. We should focus on top-level design and strategic planning, and solve the problems of unified leadership, organization and specification of discipline construction and professional construction.

Second, accelerate the construction of disciplines and departments. In addition, students and teachers of the first level disciplines of Cyberspace Security will be added to the single index, which does not account for the number of existing first level disciplines of the school. In addition, schools with subject points will be set up to increase the number of doctoral and master students, and the index will be listed separately. It is also necessary to set up a professional directory corresponding to Cyberspace Security Major and discipline direction, and plan and guide the construction of the major.

The third is to reform the personnel training mode and mechanism. Carry out the joint reading of "basic, master's degree, and doctoral degree", shorten the school system; add "junior class", send the students with expertise to the undergraduate course; set up "experimental class", implement the "future scientist" plan, train the urgently needed Cyberspace Security Talents; increase the "talent training base" to carry out the reform of teaching methods, build open online course resources and exercise environment; accelerate the promotion To construct the collaborative innovation center of Cyberspace Security discipline and realize the New Trinity Model of talent training, scientific research and discipline construction.

Fourth, speed up the construction of teachers and improve the quality of teaching. In view of the current situation of the weak teaching staff, the comprehensive teacher training is carried out in different modes such as "training class", "accelerated class" and "advanced class", which makes a large number of non subject teachers turn to the subject direction and undertake the teaching task of Cyberspace Security. Open recruitment of overseas high-level teachers, hiring high-level experts in the industry, and building a "full-time and part-time" high-quality network security faculty. In the school, the setting of Cyberspace Security teachers should be tilted to give the college and other employers autonomy.

Fifth, strengthen the construction of teaching materials and courses, and improve the level of scientific and technological knowledge. Set up a special project for the construction of Cyberspace Security teaching materials and courses, form a group of high-level teaching materials and courses with rich contents, and share them in the form of network. We should mobilize the enthusiasm of high-level teachers in compiling teaching materials, reward excellent teaching materials and courses, and vigorously promote them. Set up the editorial board of Cyberspace Security textbooks and publish high-level textbooks.

The sixth is to build an open training platform to promote the cooperation between universities and enterprises and institutions. Build a simulation training platform based on network, support the design of experimental courses, and form a network attack and defense drill environment. Go out of school, practice and train in enterprises and institutions, and implement the "excellent engineer education and training plan". We will set up research platforms such as the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Cyberspace Security Education, the State Key Laboratory and the State Engineering Laboratory, and give them strong support in terms of funds and policies. Organize the competition of network security innovation ability of college students, stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation, improve their ability to tackle key problems in practice, connect with enterprises, and encourage their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship. We will encourage support for going abroad and enhance international competitiveness and influence.