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best contents of the week from the summary

Posted by loope at 2020-04-07

Did you miss something? The editorial staff selects the best articles from our digital channels during week three.

Mapping: That's how much you make from twenty of Sweden's largest agencies

In the majority of Sweden's largest communications agencies, employees made more money five years ago than they do today. At the same time, the review of the salary levels of 20 of Sweden's largest agencies shows that the overall wage situation has increased.

We blocked 300-page Instagram ads for three months, a tired accident.

Announcers spend billions on Facebook and Instagram. But when we say we don't want to see the ads anymore, they keep popping up again and again and again. We get tired of advertising and the advertising money goes into the lake.

Experts disappointed on Facebook:'Drives on advertising fatigue'

Advertising fatigue is one of the most serious threats to marketing right now. Several of the experts we've talked to about the ad agency agree that the recurring Facebook ads are tracking it.

Facebook about the advertising agency:'That's why you get similar ads again'

The advertisement label'problematic'

For advertisers, advertising is a dilemma. On the one hand, they trust Facebook and, on the other, they are against advertising fatigue. 'It is problematic', says one of them.

Facebook runs one of the largest advertising systems in the world. We decided to test it and block all the ads we see. Result? These messages continue to flow and we end up in a commercial coma. Here's the Facebook answer.

The gaming industry is reducing its media investment by billions of dollars, the companies that have slowed down and gassed

Media investment by gambling companies has decreased by more than 20 per cent after the restructuring. The review of the summary shows which players have reduced their presence on the new gambling market.

The advertising offensive has made more people dislike Bynk

Bynk invested heavily in advertising during 2019, which resulted, inter alia, in a wave of notification of non-moderate marketing to the CPVO. The summary uses the Yougov Brand Index to find out how Bynk's brand has developed during the year, and notes that it has not become more popular with the public.

In the midst of the media storm, Preem's brand has developed

In the midst of the media storm surrounding the Lysekil refinery, Preems has tried to profile himself as the sustainable alternative. At the same time, according to Yougov's trade mark measurements, it has lost to its competitors.