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advance asset condition assesment koos kunneke mmis

Posted by deeson at 2020-04-09

Advance Asset Condition Assesment Koos Kunneke – MMIS Analyst Corne Engelbrecht – Maintenance Engineer Gautrain Information Internal Network Wi-Fi / RFID Implementation Raw Data – TCMS Propulsion Monitoring Door Monitoring Orbita UK Data Center Bogies Monitoring Data Monitor (Train KM, Energy Cons) Etc. RFID Train Identification and Position in 3 Zones RFID Server RFID Tag Train Zone Position Train Unit Total KM HVAC Monitoring Brakes Monitoring Train Unit Delta KM TCMS Data Internet Maximo Wi-Fi Server Wi-Fi VPN Access AVI Site Server Internal Network VPN Access AVI – Advance Vehicle Inspection Internet AVI Site Server AVI Measurements les AVI Measurements Orbita UK Data Center Axle End Temperature Monitoring Wheel Damage Monitoring system Video Inspection System Pantograph Wear Monitoring System Da t Wi-Fi Site Server S Users TC M Brake Disc Monitoring System ag e Brake Pad Monitoring System Im Wheel Profile Monitoring System Maximo Integration a Fi AVI Measurements Maximo Orbita UK Data Center • Orbita is a capability: a set of people, processes and tools brought together to • • enhance transportation asset management deliver new value to Bombardier Transportation, its customers, partners and suppliers Raw Asset Data gathering, transmission and storage Data Processed in IT Systems Active Knowledge Management Dynamic Decision-Support Capability Data processing and visualisation Deriving and automating knowledge Delivering tailored, dynamic decisionsupport information Orbita UK Data Center The Control Centre: a Key Element of Bombardier Orbita • The Control Centre is where key personnel are brought together to turn raw data into useful, actionable information • Bombardier’s Control Centre Engineers, aided by powerful, automated data processing and visualisation tools, review the data as it arrives • With the support of Systems Engineers, the data is turned into specific, tailored advice Orbita Tools Orbita Tools Orbita Tools Maximo Integration Maximo Server Orbita UK Data Center Process Events, Perform Trend Analysis and raise alerts Send Web Service Event Message Create Service Request Send Service Request Number Engineer Analyze and Create Work Order Send Work Order Number Close Work Order Send Work Order Close Status Close Incident Network Access Internet Orbita Process Maximo Process AVI Benefits • Optimizing Life Cycle Cost – Reduction in the use of Material (Brake Pads, Discs, Panto Strip) – Staff productivity improvements – Optimized Preventive Maintenance (Frequency) • Improve Safety – Added Camera Inspections – More Information on Wheels and Brake Pads • Improve System Reliability – Performing Predictive Maintenance – Identify problems on other systems (OCDS / Track) • Improved System Availability – Having more train set available to customer System Integration Plan AVI Detail Wheel Profile Monitoring System Brake Pad Monitoring System Brake Disc Monitoring System Axle End Temperature Monitoring Wheel Damage Monitoring system Video Inspection System Pantograph Wear Monitoring System Data management System AVI Detail AVI Detail AVI Detail AVI Detail Thank You!