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solution to the problem that os x cannot be started

Posted by ulberg at 2020-04-10

Unable to start after OS X El Capitan is installed in VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation

10.0.1 build-11379776

I want to use MAC in VMware wrokstation, but I can't start it all of a sudden

Error message.

Not enough physical memory is avalable to power on this virtual machine with configured settings…

When the warning window came out, I asked if I would reduce the memory to 220 MB. Even if I tried it, I still couldn't solve it

We searched that result and solved it in two ways

First, go to the path with the executable file of VMware, and click the properties of VMware and exe.

In the Compatibility tab, check the operation of the program with administrator's permission and restart VMware.

The above solutions

C: \ programdata \ VMware \ fix the config.ini file in the VMware Workstation folder.

If the program data folder is hidden, it may not be found, so show the hidden file view in the folder options of the searcher, and then search

The config.ini file needs to be modified with administrator privileges to save,

First, open Notepad, open the config.ini file from the above path by opening the file,

On the last page of the INI file.

Radio program

Add and save the above lines, then restart VMware, OS X starts normally.