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installation and cracking process of winmail 4.5 (0626) r51 cracked version

Posted by deeson at 2020-04-10

Installation and cracking process of winmail 4.5 (0626) R51 cracked version

Modify the user restrictions. Now this crack is only a web modification, and it must be registered through the web

1: First download winmail 4.5 (0626) R51 cracked version address: winmail 4.5 (0626) R51 cracked version

2: Unzip the file, click winmail-v4.6 (0626). Exe to install: when selecting the installation path, you need to note: everyone on the network says that you need to install it to e: \ HtDocs \ winmail. If you don't want to bother, you need to install it to this directory. If you want to define your own directory, first specify it to your installation directory, and record your directory.

3: All other default installation, do not start after installation.

4: Import registry file any24.reg

5: Install windows + R to open the running window, and enter regedit to open the registry editing

6: Locate HKEY? Local? Machine \ system \ currentcontrolset \ services \ magicwinmailserver

Right click the imagepath below to modify e: \ HtDocs \ winmail \ server \ maildaemon.exe, point to server \ maildaemon.exe under your installation directory, and then modify the installation path.

7: Copy maildaemon.exe installation directory \ under server

8: Find: the installation directory \ server \ webmail \ Inc \ reguser.php is opened with Notepad or IE editing tool.

Find $user total = $register ﹣ user ﹣ change to $usertotal = $register ﹣ user ﹣ total + number of users (such as 2000);

2000 for you to define the number of people


if ($xml-CheckUser($info['user']) == 0) return -1;

Revised to:

/*if ($xml-CheckUser($info['user']) == 0) return -1;*/

Support the completion of installation and cracking

9: Start the service. Sometimes it gets stuck after the installation. Don't worry about it. Find the winmail mail server in the service to start it and set it to start automatically.

10: First log in to the background management for setting: the user name admin password is set during installation. After logging in, first find the client management interface. In the "domain name settings", check the "run webmail registration" box

Behind is the other settings, we grope for it!!!

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