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christian times website "supervisor pride"

Posted by ulberg at 2020-02-17

Everyone said that "the era without teachers" and "teachers of life". On December 13 last year, more than 300 happy people with life tutors sang "teacher's grace" in the lecture room of Yanjing class of Lihua women's University. Their master is now (37499; This is the last day for Pastor Jin Xinghao (90), who has taught "Yanjing class" every morning for the past 45 years. Pastor Jin Xinghao said, "I have been a philosophy teacher all my life", but countless students said to him, "master of our times". It is said to Yanjing class that "this is the place where we usually publish and study, not who we teach". But the intellectuals in this era naturally guide him in his teaching. The editor in chief is the leading one

The thick footprints of pastor Jin Xinghao

Pastor Jin Xinghao was born in Xixing, Huangdao. His father, pastor Jin Chenghang, led the 300000 year old movement in the Yellow Sea. He was arrested for three years and died after being released as a consultant. Pastor Jin chengheng built an island called Durao island on the Datong River in Pyongyang. It is said that there is a teacher named daoshan an Changhao in this church. Pastor Jin chengheng established the University of Optics (primary school) there and said that Mr. an Changhao established the special communication of the University of Optics (secondary school).

Pastor Kim Hing ho graduated from Pyongyang high school. After returning to South Korea, Longjiang middle school was established in Longjiang County, Hokkaido due to the persuasion of Mr. Zhao Wanzhi, a senior party member. Gongshan regime was oppressed seriously. In 1947, he came to South Korea and founded the church together with those who were worshiping in the sky. Pastor Jin Xinghao was introduced by Mr. Zheng Renbao of Weitang. He served as a professor of Philosophy in the University of Chinese Studies and studied Yangming school in Mr. Zheng Renbao, Chunyuan was introduced by Mr. Guangzhu. He met with Mr. Duoshan, the president of Wushan school, and Mr. Liu yingmo to learn the theory of Chengli. His knowledge of Oriental classics became more extensive and profound.

After the restoration, Mr. Zheng Renbao's main line, Mr. Bai luojun, taught Oriental philosophy in the president's Yanshi University for five years, accepted the request of president Jin Huolan of Lihua women's University, and also gave an introduction to Philosophy in this generation. President Jin Huolan asked him to study theology in the United States, hoping to study theology in the United States. There, I was the supervisor of the American supervision church. I used to be the pastor of Rhine who was the honorary supervisor of the Korean supervision church. I became a pastor of the American Indian or state supervision church. After that, pastor Jin Xinghao returned to South Korea and taught philosophy of religion and Christian literature for 28 years. He played a leading role in Gandhi theology for 15 years, such as yangmingxue and Zen Buddhism.

Altar of time

It is said that pastor Jin Xinghao dreamed of meeting God when he was 7 years old. Holding God's legs tightly in front of him and looking at his face, I can't see it. Although the dream is the age of ninety, it is still impressive.

In the reality of the dark colonial system, for Jin Xinghao in his late teens, the only vitality is to participate in the Renaissance. Since then, he crossed Japan at the age of 20, served as the supervision Church of South Korea, and attended the University of waseido. At that time, there was a built ecclesiastical Bible handout in the University. Communicate with them, explore the complete works of Mr. ecclesiastist, and open your eyes in faith.

When he returned to South Korea, he met Mr. Yushi Liu yingmo. Only when he was a child could he find the problem of "being able to believe in the cross and resurrection". It was the 35 year old who experienced the crucifixion and resurrection at 9:05 a.m. on March 17, 1954. After that, his life changed a lot. The experience is long and time-consuming, he says. Say "I'm the way" to Miss Liu yingmo Truth. After hearing the explanation of life (14:6), the ear was opened. He said that in the difficult words of the Bible, what he did not know was the cross, the sexual God and the resurrection.

"That day the teacher said" my way Truth. Said "life" In this way, when "long" and "short", I know that it is "cross", when "life", and when "Resurrection" is "truth", I know "sexual God". The word of the cross and the truth of the resurrected life and sexual flesh God... Are the truth of the Holy Spirit, the truth of the Holy Spirit, and the resurrected life is the life of Greece and the length of God. As a result, the three words of the cross, the resurrection and the God of sex and flesh were the words of "length, truth and life", which were known at that time

After this experience, he has nothing to do with his will, just like someone holding his own handwriting. "It's not natural, it's not natural, it's not natural to plant, it's not going to cause vomiting, it's not going to become a Buddha, it's not going to become a three stomach body (three body 663846) celestial body It's a kind of misleading ode, understanding the real sting. Liu yingmo, the teacher who saw this at that time, said, "this will never disappear.".

Pastor Jin said the article contains the core of all religions. "In Taoism, the nameless nature, in Buddhism, the mind becomes the Buddha, Christianity is Trinity, and Confucianism is the mean.". All the truths I think are generalized and systematized by these four words. It's from heaven. "

Pastor Jin Xinghao said: "the altar of time is not the selfishness of me before, but a new leather bag and a new experience. I'm not me, I'm dying with Greece, I'm living with Greece, that's faith.

A daily life of 45 years

Pastor Jin Xinghao lived with "my power" before he was 35, and with "the power of God" after he was 35. "Jesus, who has been around for some time, is not outside, but now knows my life. "Not that I live, but that Greece knows when I live" (go 2:20)

"In my heart. If it's Christianity, it's not me It's "Christ in my heart" who lives. Feel it in every moment So I believe in the resurrection of Christ. Even if you don't believe it, you can't believe it. "

After the experience of time altar, pastor Jin Xinghao carried out "one food a day" in 45 years. "It's been more than 45 years this year. I'm weak. People say I'm in my thirties. But there was no disease after "one day, one meal" But it's full of life in my heart. "

Teacher Duoshi Liu yingmo also held a meal on the 1st. Sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset sunset Teacher Liu yingmo heard that Indian spies said "one day, one meal" and said "this is the secret". It is said that "one meal a day".

Pastor Jin Xinghao's multi seat practice is "one seat, one meal and one food". That is to say, kneel down in the early morning to study, work hard in the daytime, teach students, eat one meal a day at night, and sleep like death at night. A day more tin will live like a lifetime. Running on the cross every night, resurrecting every morning. The way that pastor Jin Xinghao also practiced in his life came here meticulously.

"Christian Taoist", penetrating Eastern and Western Philosophy

He is not only a priest but also a Confucian, Zen and Oriental three religions. He can see through western and Eastern philosophy, so he is called "Taoist" and "philosopher". "In order to understand me," he said. In the past, there were Taoists, Buddhists and Confucians in China's history. That's my father, my grandfather, my grandfather's life. I don't know that there are Confucianism, Buddhists and Taoists in my consciousness. Therefore, in order to understand "I", I learned "Tuixi, legu, Yuanxiao and clothing, so I have to learn Confucius, draw strict Sutra and draw scenery".

Master Jin stressed that the classics of other religions should also be learned from precious human cultural heritage. This is because I don't know the exclusiveness of the bridge. He said. "If you know Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, it will be easier to understand Christianity. I Love Christianity. I have been Christian all my life.

He also wrote a lot of classic books about the Dharma Sutra, the original Pavilion Sutra, Hua Yanjing, Yangming school and so on. There is a story that tells him the scene. Skey des des des Stes des Stes des Stes des Stes des Stes des Stes des Stes des Stes des Stes koosen, a teacher of propaganda and education in the United States He was introduced by an interpreter and an Neixiang, and talked with temples all over the country. Before leaving, he gave a speech at dongkuo University in Seoul. At that time, there was a difficult question to answer. At that time, he asked pastor Jin Xinghao to replace Marx. Because we walked together and understood his situation. Pastor Jin Xinghao spewed out Dharma talks like clear mountains and flowing water. Masina wrote about the experience of Korean pre Buddhism in the Japanese Buddhist newspaper in the future, and said: "pastor Jin Xinghao is in the viewing corner (3131331455545545;

"To preach is to convey joy. Eldest son, I am also happy. Hyde also conveyed joy. Happy people are happy. The heart of Christianity is joy. Laozi, the core of the eldest son is also joy. They also know that teaching truth is a joy. The core of all religions is happiness. It is joy to know the truth. Preaching is the means of legend. Wesley was also full of joy. The great Wesley is the reason to understand the truth. The reason why I have preached 40000 times is that I understand the truth, so I can do it. "

Pastor Jin Xinghao said that it is proud to be a supervisor. "I like Wesley very much. After listening to Roman letters and experiencing the Holy Spirit, he helped his neighbors and the great figures who preached 40000 times. It was done with God's power after seeing God. For me, Wesley has a real impact. Without Wasley, I wouldn't have. "

Christians need to understand the mission

"Recently, people have been pursuing personal rescue. Mr. an Changhao and Mr. Zhao Wanzhi are people bought to help the country. I speak the Bible for the sake of national salvation Christian people should be rescued more than my own rescue country, while in Asia, the world should be rescued. Understand that mission. "

Pastor Kim Hing Ho said: South Korea will bear the history of world rescue. "Wesley wants to change the world, too. Wesley's dream is to have a new world, not to let Britain live a good life. "South Korea is not only South Korea's happiness, but to save the world's happiness."

In addition, "Christianity should give individual consciousness and believe that Jesus goes to heaven" such ups and downs (blessings) pray in faith. He thought about the ups and downs of faith. "The blessing of Christianity lies in meeting the lofty will and God of heaven. There is no money in bafu The Christian concept of welfare is different from that of South Korea. "

Pastor Kim Hin ho pointed out the momentum that our society and the Korean church are going to throw away. It's partisan struggle, four principles, idolatry. "Not only the supervision church, but all the people in South Korea are quarreling. The party struggle frustrated the group. To get rid of the intention of the four continents. It is four principles that hinder independence. Do not offer large things. Don't idolize. The cathedral is the idol of the church. "

The master of this era is also the real Reverend Kim Hing ho of Wesley. He has learned teaching all his life, and the great teaching that left deep traces in his disciples' hearts is a bright light of the times.

"Don't understand philosophy, don't understand me, don't understand science, don't understand material world, don't understand art, don't understand beauty, don't understand religion, don't understand life.". Therefore, philosophy, science, art and religion should also be known. "(Reverend Jin Xinghao)