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the delayed "defense training of dokdo" was implemented

Posted by ulberg at 2020-02-16

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Japan's trend Qingwa Taiwan has also invested in a full public opinion debate

Yin Daohan, the national communication chief of qingwatai, uploaded an article in SNS

"There are more and more Japanese lawlessness," Shin said to the Japanese Foreign Affairs forces, who spoke nonsense to President Wen

In addition, whether it is in line with international norms for Japanese officials to say such words to the heads of other countries. "

Finally, the Secretary General of qinghuatai peace planning also uploaded the article

"Now I won't lose," President Wen said, and I will never return to the dark ages

We don't have to look at the eyes of Japan

After twice a year of Dokdo defense training, plans to restart this month are being studied.

Reporter Hong Shenying reports.

The report

The defense training of Dokdo has been a regular training since 1996.

Last year, it was held on June 18, 19, December 13 and 14, respectively.

Since this year, plans are under study to restart the army in mid August.

"Plans are being developed on a similar scale as in previous years," Navy sources said in a call with MBC today.

Considering the deteriorating relations between South Korea and Japan, after the postponement, it is not necessary to take the opportunity of eliminating the white list to postpone.

During the training, Korean destroyers, sentinels, f-15k fighters took part in the training, and naval land fighters landed quickly.

It is reported that the military is studying the training scenes that were not made public last year and the plans that were made public to the outside this year.

The Japanese government protests every year when it conducts defense training in Dokdo.

It is reported that the government is weighing the training period of Dokdo in consideration of the possibility of a military intelligence protection agreement between South Korea and Japan.

This is MBC News Hong Shenying

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