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ivan lensky: it's like resting in the soviet union

Posted by deeson at 2020-02-20

Specifically for indoor reality, under the heading "opinions"

During my visit to Crimea, I often met the memory of the Soviet Union in the past. The most amazing thing is that the "sick" are not only the people living at that time, but also the younger generation. This nostalgia is becoming more and more common: the more degraded a country and its institutions are, the more uncertain the future is, the more effective psychological protection mechanisms will be, It is no longer terrible to seek salvation from the past. Obviously, it's time to expose this myth and tell the truth about the Soviet era Crimea holiday.

Let's go back to the early 1980s. The southern coast of Crimea. The way to get a sanatorium or a sanitarium from ordinary Russians is not much better than winning the lottery. The guest comments reflect the personal opinions and opinions of the guests of after staying in the hotel. The best Yalta Hotel (Orenda) To keep the Soviets out of the paradise reserved for foreigners, it was monitored by the KGB's Hotel authority. Those who try to enter the sanctuary may be detained and searched, with a special room in the lobby of the Yalta hotel.

The fight between the owners and the guests to use the bathroom is often fierce

Rooms usually give up the right to cook in the kitchen. The guest comments reflect the personal opinions and opinions of the guests of after staying in the hotel. They lined up sheds, even garden beds, people and chicken houses. The master himself often sleeps on the floor in summer. Some hostesses don't take their children to rest, and some refuse to rent rooms for single men. The fight between the owner and the guest to use the bathroom is often fierce. During the excursion, at the end of July, visitors sometimes have to spend the night on park benches or at bus stations - no place. People who lived in Crimea in those years still remember the ringing of the doorbell. The question was frightening: "won't you rent out the room?" Oh

The future president of Russia, who was on holiday in soulke in 1981, was such a barbarian that he could not even travel to the sanatorium. The hostess of the room he rented was furious that the ex-wife of the incoming president was cooking in the kitchen and making public. Maybe that's why he decided to take Crimea. Revenge for a bad holiday?

So you live. The hostess provides you with a net bed crushed on the balcony. Now you can finally run, bask in the sun and take a bath at the seaside. But the first is formalities. The hostess should get back your passport and go through the registration formalities at the residence agency. If the hostess finds out that she is not checking in, she may be in trouble. The problem is that the hostess is allowed to rent only 300 rubles a quarter. If she earns 500 rubles, she needs to pay 120 rubles in taxes. As a result, the hostess tries to register her guests in any way and within a short period of time, so as to obtain an amount of no more than 300 rubles per season according to the tourist certificate. The Soviet authorities strictly ensured that people did not make too much money. In fact, at that time, many retirees who were rented received very little pension, which was 60 or even 45 rubles, which was not considered by the authorities.

It's not uncommon to break in at 5 a.m., accompanied by police, to check passports and registrations on the scene.

The owner was rounded up. It's not uncommon to break in at 5 a.m., accompanied by police, to check passports and registrations on the scene. It should be said that the rest didn't wake up - they counted their feet and checked with the number of people registered on the recuperation certificate. Many owners have a drone that they were warned of in advance of the raid. Corruption in the Soviet Union was not always manifested in money, but we should know that "happiness" is the pure water of corruption!

So you sign up and pay for an expensive bed to go to the beach. It's better to come early because all the public beaches have been knocked down and there is no place for apples to fall. In Yalta, many people come to the beach at dawn to take a place in the sun. Poor and shabby wooden beds, which are in serious shortage, are often the targets of conflicts and even battles.

There are innumerable figures everywhere, and customers' silhouettes are popular in summer.

After the beach, you have to stick to a long line to the restaurant, eat bad soup, use the taste of bread and meat, Or try "Bluebird" - this is the so-called chicken, this is a non edible species. If you want to do something on your own, it's long, there's a guarantee that you'll be waiting in line for your store in half an hour, and you can only buy tins, if you're lucky - boiled sausages, Milk is the best, but meat or meat is the best. In summer, the meat can only be sold to the local people through the back door) or for the sake of "own" salesmen, she wraps the meat into opaque paper, called "crisp sugar" or something else, lest it's her turn. I'm upset. There are innumerable figures everywhere, and customers' silhouettes are popular in summer.

It's hard to get into the restaurant. First of all, they are very few, almost all of them are in Yalta, while in the village there are only mishall Hotel and arupka Hotel - there are two restaurants everywhere from Yalta to Flores. Service level 9.1 The hotel is located in the international travel agency, but it has reserved tickets for ordinary people. You can insert one or five tracks into the concierge to enter Yalta Central Hotel, on the fourth floor of the commercial bank. If you do not have "happiness", then the service staff is frank and impolite to you. Deception, innumerable, is not a common phenomenon in that era. The bartender didn't drink, or used "Zuo" wine, with a forged Hotel Mark up seal on it (in general, all alcoholic drinks are sold at a mark up price, and the price must be increased on the trademark. There should be an agency that forges stamps often and makes a lot of money. Auditors are usually within a percentage. As for the scale of corruption in the Soviet Union, people who are nostalgic don't like to talk. They need to know that corruption is more serious than it is now. Without a connection, Blatter can't even buy normal shoes!

The chauvinistic "indigenous people" are more and more obvious in their attitudes towards tourists. They don't like tourists, and they are insulted. Jeans may be beaten

In the evening the young people went dancing on a large scale. The event was later called a disco. The dance ticket is 50 Gobi. Be careful when dancing: they hardly ever fight. "Lunar Rover" is on duty next to the dance floor, a pair of police cars) and several staff members who were supposed to disperse the fighting and adjust the order. It should be noted that at that time, there was only hand beating, and serious injuries rarely occurred: usually there were several abrasions under the eyes. Sometimes they roll a soldier's belt around their hand, but it's rare. Usually, the fight begins between a local and an outsider who accidentally hits a local girl on the shoulder while dancing and then shouts, "cow, where are you going?" Oh This may actually be any reason, because local punks frankly hate the better dressed "dead" who have money, not even jeans.

The chauvinistic "indigenous people" are more and more obvious in their attitudes towards tourists. They don't like tourists, and they are insulted. Jeans may be beaten, depriving them of this unique attribute. One of my friends in the late 1970s bumped a stupid thing in the head, he was a lifelong cripple because he went to Yalta in jeans and denim jackets. The attacker took off his fashionable clothes and threw the bloody man on the sidewalk. He was comatose for 21 days and survived, but he was disabled. The police did not find the attacker.

Curiously, in an era of total lack of hot drinks, not enough. Local drunkards use rub26 Gobi to buy "coastal port" or rub7 to buy "white strong". An ounce of port costs 46 Gobi in a bar. Local people drink a lot. They live in stores, they don't touch anyone, they shoot little things or invite them to drink your fee. The higher "elite" and enough drinks are "the sun in the glass" and "the Bach Saari fountain.". Champagne and vodka can be bought without any special problems, but this summer's wine is scarce. When "throw" the then popular "bastado" three rubles and sixty gobies, the shop immediately lined up.

The quality of vegetables and fruits sold in vegetable shops is very poor. Tourists may go to the market, where they have a choice of peaches and grapes, but it is expensive and not everyone can afford such fun.

When a bar salesman finds the right job, he is very lucky: not very lucky, and he can make money every season.

Although Crimea is the coast, seafood is mainly delivered: Frozen hip-hop, mackerel, mingtarang, moyiwa. Local fishermen fished for stabrida and kefal, but they were not sold in stores. A "jigulevsky" beer is out of order in the summer, malfunctioning and should be lined up. And when a bar salesman finds the right place, she's very lucky: she doesn't make enough money in a short time. The work of FRP collector is especially profitable. Such a person is considered to be the local elite, and every villager knows him. The town was divided into districts, where women receiving small pensions or drinking alcohol collected bottles left by holidaymakers. At times, scandals, and even fights, have arisen as a result of empty bottles (i.e. fishing names) between "fur collectors.".

No beach visits at night: after 10 p.m. there will be border patrols with flashlights and dogs along the coast.

If you don't want to go dancing, you can go to the cinema in the evening. Every sanatorium has an open-air cinema. Everyone goes to the cinema for 30 Gobi. Among the most popular are French films, depadier and Pierre rishal, as well as American films, such as "white belt fever" and Indian films. There was no line-up for Soviet films.

No beach visits at night: after 10 p.m. there will be border patrols with flashlights and dogs along the coast. On the beach, they may be delayed after 10 p.m. There are often powerful border lights shining over the sea: looking for traitors, spies and saboteurs. When higher-level officials arrived, the guards stood at the anchor opposite the national villa, usually in the sanatorium area of "Orenda," and protected the party's top leader.

Sevastopol is a closed city and cannot be accessed without special permission. During the passage of government limousines, roads were blocked, and people took buses in the heat for an hour, waiting for the passage of the "Leonid Ilyich" highway. The Soviet regime never put people in any position.

People are happy, they dance, they start recuperation novels, they walk, they travel, and they also travel by speedboat. They even welcome such services.

But it would be foolish to say no fun, or everyone would be like a prisoner in the area. People are happy, dance, flirt, get to know, start romance, walk, travel, and ride speedboats. They even welcome this kind of "service", even this kind of rest condition, with little complaint. Sunshine, the sea, cheap wine, beaches, dancing - is it what a country needs to be isolated from the outside world? Here lies the roots of the Soviet Union's past nostalgia: you know, it's really fun, and in the dirty barracks, it's even more enjoyable, People prefer not to think, and they are happy.

The local retailer bought everything, only one foreigner agreed to sell it, and then tripled the worn coat.

Foreign tourists to Yalta are mainly from Germany, Finland, Poland and even Sweden, so they are forbidden to meet or talk with them, so they can also be locked in the KGB. At this risk, the local pharmacists bought everything, only one foreigner agreed to sell, and then tripled their old clothes. But the Soviets and obnozov were happy: it was hard to get decent things in the shops. Porcelain makers may have sat down: business is banned in the Soviet Union. There is also a little joy: Porter 5 rubles can buy a bag of real "Malboro" or "Romanza" restaurants, in front of the girl.

Public transport is pretty good, although it's a loose one, but taxis have problems. If you can rent a taxi in Yalta, it's very difficult in the town. The taxi driver blocked the price and refused to drive less than two taxis in the evening. It was rude. There are people everywhere who are rude to people who rest: vehicles, canteens, shops, cafes and restaurants. Hami is generous. Don't be stingy. The locals are very tired and idle.

In order to purchase return tickets in peak season, you can spend 2-3 days in the queue.

A few days after your arrival, you should be worried about buying a return ticket. Women's and children's clubs and air ticket offices lined up, compiled lists, called roll calls and eliminated those who did not answer. The exhausted female cashier licked it for a while later) there was no air conditioning at that time, Fan only) is packing the ticket booking service for Simferopol from morning to night, but it's hard to get through. I waited patiently for the queue. The teller kept turning the dial, hoping for a long voice instead of a frequent piccolo. When it happens, everyone is happy. In order to purchase return tickets in peak season, you can spend 2-3 days in the queue.

The phone is not good. The hotel has the right to check the validity of your credit card before you check in. We guarantee If you really want to spend two hours with Moscow or Leningrad, for example, if you want to spend two hours with kishniov, you should wait one or even two days. The quality of the communication is terrible, I have to shout so that you can hear the wire at the other end. There are negotiation points, but there is a long line in the summer.

Elites, of course, have different rest. They have separate, isolated sanatoriums, closed beaches and cars from the rest of the world, and they should not be in line. The elite sanatorium has received generals, KGB staff, top members of the supreme party and, of course, all kinds of happy people. At that time, corruption had permeated Soviet society. From the bottom to the top, a manager of a Moscow market could rest in the best sanatorium, "He has become part of this elite, growing up with her."

How can we accept the humiliation of the porter, the police and the salesmen?

So it's incredible that in this terrible, inhumane, totally deficient society, which ignores the most basic needs of human beings, people may feel nostalgic. On the issue of no freedom of speech, I just want to be silent, so I can only say something in my kitchen and close the door tightly. Soviet propaganda showed a pink picture of life on television, and no one had told the whole country what was going on (but that's how it is now).

How can we accept the humiliation of the porter, the police and the salesmen? How can we move the "chestnut" store to the Yalta coast, where there are any shortages for sale, but only foreigners and foreign exchange, the Soviets are not even allowed close? How can such a system of complete lies and deception be tolerated, in which only professionals benefit? How can there be nostalgia in this terrible structure?

In Crimea, we were particularly aware of all the injustices of the Soviet concentration camps: we saw, with our own eyes, the pursuit of sausages, and we saw, with the help of the police, the oppression of chickens. Glittering elite limousine routes. All the best beaches have been shut down, even for local residents, while the average holidaymaker gets only one square meter of pebbles. The Soviet Union is a very rigid caste society, it is divided into the Lord)( With the return to the Soviet Union, modern Russia imitates the situation 30 years ago, but the income gap becomes more obvious.

I feel sad to see a country become an "Owl" - an abandoned country. More and more propaganda, cheating on TV screens, international isolation. The state's political policy is more and more like that of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Is the war in Afghanistan forgotten after the sanctions and the collapse of oil prices leading to the failure of the Communist regime? Or was it at that time that the country did not collapse and had to reverse its course in order to attack the same plunder again?

If I give only one suggestion, it will be short: don't nostalgia. Don't fantasize about the past. This is terrible. We have to move on to the future. The past, I'm sorry to repeat, is over. Time machine scientists did not invent, that is to say, the Kremlin's experiment of returning to the past violates the laws of physics and makes no sense to argue with it.

Ivan Lensky, American blog, klimchanin