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iot "2 authentication" based on block chain

Posted by ulberg at 2020-02-15

[Korean street news] KT has strengthened the hacker technology of blocking Internet attacks to facilitate the introduction and security.

KT said Tuesday that it is based on the "gigasteath" platform, an IOT security solution.

IOT market is formed with minimum cost and performance as the center, which is more vulnerable to security than high price equipment. KT Economic Operation Research Institute also analyzes that the loss of domestic IOT hackers will reach 26.7 trillion won by 2030.

KT launched machinery does not need to install additional equipment in the terminal, based on the network, reducing the cost burden. In particular, 2 certification improves security.

According to KT, flag is a solution to enhance the security of IOT equipment. Hackers can't see the IP BLAP technology of IOT terminal's IP address and the sender of KT block chain. They build the intelligent network access control technology with the intelligent network access control technology.

In addition, all the communication elements related to users, IOT servers, IOT terminals, etc. are given the inherent block chain ID. In this process, one-time soil will be distributed, and users, servers and terminal security will be provided.

Cui Chengjun, head of the stealth phone splanchect team of KT Institute of fusion technology, said: "for entrepreneurs without certification, they will not expose IP and prevent hackers from invading", "even if they find IP, they will not become servers or user packages for stealth TV sets, so they need to cut off first to block king. He said "prevent".

IOT gate, a powerful stealth TV, will go on sale this year. It can be applied to many IOT systems such as remote needle detector, card clearing machine, bus information terminal, etc.

Jin Chengzhe, head of KT information security platform, said: "the draft exhibition value of existing 5g features beyond superficiality, obstacles and obstacles." "not only based on invisible commercialization, but also will continue to expand network security in the IOT market." Done.