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cnn: russia's representative to the united nations once again invited "five members of the security council to discuss the situation in syria"

Posted by mitry at 2020-02-17

Russian diplomats suggested another meeting on the situation in Syria. This time, Russia's representatives on the UN Security Council are unlikely to abandon the meeting of the permanent members of the Security Council because they are ready to reach a consensus on military attacks.

Russian diplomats suggested another meeting on the situation in Syria. It is difficult for Russia's representatives to give up the meeting of the permanent members of the UN Security Council this time, because they are ready to reach a consensus on the military offensive against Syria, BBC news.

The meeting of the five permanent members of the "post Soviet Union composed of the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China" began at about 22:30 Moscow time. At the last meeting, the five countries "failed to reach agreement on measures to be taken against the Syrian state".

At midnight, the meeting was over. Representatives of Russia, Britain, France, China and the United States once again failed to make progress in negotiations on the situation in Syria, the Associated Press reported. The meeting lasted less than an hour, the IAEA noted.

"The need for continued inspection of chemical weapons was discussed. In addition, Russian diplomats insist that efforts must continue to be made to achieve a political settlement in Syria and to convene the second Geneva Conference. "

-Another terrorist attack took place near Damascus

Chemical attacks on Syrian civilians are the cause of retaliatory measures. Some western countries say there is evidence that the regime of Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons in Syria. In order to protect the population of the country from chemical weapons, the United Kingdom recommended intervention and noted that such action could be taken without a United Nations resolution.

Indeed, later British Prime Minister David Cameron said that London would not insist on military action against Damascus, If a majority of the UN Security Council members are against it, Itar-Tass points out.

However, the so-called chemical attacks of 21 August remain unclear. United Nations experts came to Syria to establish or deny the use of chemical weapons. According to Farhan hack, the representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, the members of the inspection commission are not obliged to investigate the participation of either party. At the same time, experts will leave Syria in the near future, which may be a warning that the west is ready to launch an attack on Syria.

He pointed out that the task of the United Nations inspectors was to determine whether, not by whom, chemical weapons had been used in Syria, and added that that was the subject of the report. It has previously been reported that once the report is submitted, the committee will return to Damascus.

"The inspectors will have a great deal of facts and evidence, which they will collect through analysis, so that they can clarify what happened in Syria on 21 August." - he said.

He said that as long as the use of chemical weapons is considered to be unproven, the status will change after the results of the verification by the United Nations inspectors come out.

Another terrorist incident happened near Damascus

Syrian terrorists detonated two car bombs near a bus stop North of the capital. Eighty kilometers from Damascus, there were two strong explosions in nabak City, killing and injuring passengers. According to the Russian news agency, a black smoke Club rose over the blast site.

According to AFP, nine Syrian government soldiers were killed in a car bomb explosion.

Shortly after the explosion, there was fighting between government forces and rebels at checkpoints in the area.

Al nabak is located in the middle of the road between Damascus and Homs. This area has recently been infiltrated by mercenary terrorists from neighbouring Lebanon, who are being pursued by special forces of the army.

Talal al barazi, the governor of Homs province in Syria, said the militia had long settled in the area, Interfax reported It's been more than two years. The Syrian army has successfully met these challenges. Therefore, we are also ready for foreign intervention. "