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german american chamber of commerce of the southern u.s., inc.

Posted by barkins at 2020-02-15

Our goal

Under the DEinternational brand, our consulting department offers services to companies from Germany and the USA, and specifically supports them in their business activities. AHK USA-South has locations in Atlanta and Houston and supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with their market entry and expansion in the South of the USA. Our services are characterized by excellent customer service, comprehensive expertise and proximity to the market.

We are a reliable partner and our services can be flexibly combined and tailored to your needs.

Our services

Our DEinternatinal services include a wide range of services for successful market entry, including address search, business partner search, career service, and detailed market studies. We also support you in establishing initial business contacts with potential customers for your products or services and assist you in the preparation of trade fairs.

Market entry and business development services

With our market entry and business development services we support your entry into the US market and help you to be successful in the long term. Whether through market analysis, targeted business partner search, business presence, site search and selection services or trade fair services, we facilitate the development of your activities in the US market.

General Information Service

Those who want to be successful on the American market must understand the market and have many questions at the beginning. How can I import my products to the USA? What are the chances of success of my products in the USA? When do I need a visa? For more than 40 years AHK has been supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their US activities. We are an experienced and reliable partner who takes care of you professionally and individually. Our employees know the particularities of both countries and will be happy to assist you with any questions.


We help you create the ideal conditions for your US market entry and ensure your sustainable success. Particularly for companies with little experience in the US market, intensive market potential review and analysis of the competitive situation and distribution routes are crucial. We will help you specifically to identify and respond to barriers to entry. You benefit from our many years of experience and thorough research. We give you the opportunity to increase your chances of a successful US market entry and to evaluate the market without major investments.

US Business Plan

A business plan tailored specifically to the US business is a decisive factor for your successful entry into the US market. Our employees are specialized in working with you to create a tailored business plan and help you define your strategic goals for market entry. With our know-how and wide-ranging network, we are well placed to support you in placing your company optimally in the US market.

As part of our US Business Plan Services, we support you and your employees in their expansion into the US market. Our consulting team will help you prepare a business plan tailored to your company that covers all important aspects of market development and is necessary, for example, for the application of some visa types for the USA. In general, the business plan serves as a guide to the successful construction of your US business.

Company foundation in the USA

The creation of a registered company is more bureaucratic in the USA than in Germany. Before choosing the final legal form, a consultation with a lawyer and/or tax adviser should be advised, who should be familiar with both the German and American legal systems.

As AHK USA-South we have a very good network of German-speaking, internationally active lawyers, tax consultants and insurance brokers on site. Upon request, we also support you in setting up the company, which in turn does not require a trip to the USA.

The American business address necessary for the start-up of the company will provide you with the AHK USA-South as part of a business presence

Address Search Service

You are interested in a list of potential business partners but do not have the necessary contact information?

Our search service brings together for you the contact information and business profiles of selected American companies. With the help of business databases and corresponding reference lists, we create a list of target companies, including all relevant contact data. We help you with all the information you need to establish further contacts with potential U.S. business partners.

Business partners

Are you looking for business contacts or new strategic partners to sell your products or services on the American market?

Based on your requirement profile, we create a target group list of potential business partners. By telephone contact to potential business contacts, we identify suitable contacts, which are based on your products. Services are interested. In addition, we work closely with multipliers from our network, i.e. with other chambers of commerce, business promotion companies or associations. We are also happy to support you in adapting your marketing materials to the American market.

The aim of the business partner search is to agree on first concrete dates. Often a business trip to the USA is offered to meet the potential partners on the ground in person.

US Business Presence

Our business presence USA forms the interface between your company in Germany or if necessary. in Europe and the USA: with the business presence you get your local corporate presence on the American market. Under your company name you will receive a business address with your own telephone number and direct contact with us. You therefore do not need your own staff, nor do you need to build cost-intensive infrastructure. Depending on your industrial focus, you can choose an address in Atlanta, Charlotte or Houston.

In addition to providing a U.S. address and telephone number, we offer a comprehensive and flexible service package tailored perfectly to your goals and needs upon request. You also have the possibility to rent a fully equipped office and conference rooms in our premises at low cost.

Office in office

AHK USA-South offers a cost-effective solution for your US market entry without having to invest immediately in the cost-intensive construction of your own office infrastructure. The modern offices for sublet in our premises offer you access to copiers, printers and fax machines, telephone and internet connection, reception and conference rooms, etc. They also benefit from direct access to the AHK USA-South member network and the associated German American business community.

Location consulting USA

The complexity of the site selection process requires a partner experienced in the US market. The professional site advisors of the GACC South Services, LLC will be able to assist you in this process. As the official representative of the German economy, we advise you independently and neutral.

Credit information and collection service

The USA is one of the most important trading partners of German companies. Unfortunately, as everywhere else, it can happen that an American customer only pays late or not at all. AHK USA-South therefore supports German companies with various services in the risk assessment and the collection of receivables due against defaulting US debtors.


In the case of new business relationships, the potential partner is in many cases unknown and for you an unsigned sheet. Many agreements are legally secured by contracts, but individual benefits from these contracts also require mutual trust.

In order to avoid default payments, to evaluate the risk and to check the creditworthiness of the partner company, we will obtain for you a credit information in the form of a corporate profile to your business partner.


There are many reasons why US companies are delayed in making payments: in many cases misunderstandings or language difficulties are at the root. It also happens, however, that distance to Germany plays a role. Some debtors believe that the German creditor is out of reach and therefore cannot harm the American debtor. We have been able to prove that this is not the case in many successful cases in recent years.

AHK's efforts in the south of the United States are aimed at an out-of-court settlement of cases, which is a much cheaper solution for companies.

Your advantages at a glance


AHK USA-South, under the authority of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi), produces target market analyses with profiles of market players on the technology priorities of the business travel programme offered. The target market analyses provide German companies with information on the target market and relevant market players. The analysis meets the first need for information and serves as a basis for decision-making for US market entry.


A trade fair is a suitable platform for you to establish contacts with potential business partners and to present your products and services to an international audience. Professional preparation, execution and on-site preparation are important for the success of the knife. AHK USA-South has been offering the following trade fair services to German companies for many years: