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the water is full! recommended by defense sashimi restaurant

Posted by ulberg at 2020-02-20

Wait for the reason of this winter! It's because there's a Defense Council I heard that the water is getting more and more prosperous soon! Introduce defence sashimi food store.

Defense sashimi Gourmet Shop can not miss here! And yannandong sea company In order to eat defense here, you'll have to wait And the sea company has No. 2 shop hope you reference!

Do I want to go to shop 1 or shop 2 It's about an hour before the opening time. There are four teams in front It's said that the president opened 30 minutes in advance and could eat 30 minutes earlier. Roar! People like me who don't like waiting should arrive early anyway Recommend it.

What will defense say For the first time, I thought it was a small quantity, but I felt full when eating Maybe it's because the defense will be thicker. It's enough for you to eat the defense together Mouth full of thick sense of defense! Melting in your mouth is really art

Although a little spicy soup is ordinary, but it can ease the heart for defense! If you want to enjoy the defense meeting? Recommendation and ocean company!

Recently in luliangjin, we introduced the popular single island aquatic products. Luliangjin's words really have a very famous place! In order to introduce many places, let me tell you This is Shucheng mother's club's special shop. With special tips, sashimi can be cooked. The sense of elasticity is art. Add in plenty! In winter, if you order the special troops and assembly meeting of the super defense meeting and super defense ship, you can taste the defense meeting. It's said that the rising oil can taste the delicious defense meeting! In order to eat defense will come to luliangjin aquatic product market, where to go. Let's go to Dudao aquatic

Jeju Island Defense Council, here! Marla is also a sashimi shop Here you can taste the fresh defense meeting according to the parts. When defending the peak season like recently, wait! Here, especially the side menu given together is very special. It's the Merlin you can taste in Jeju! There's no cooking thief at all for food made with anchovy

Take a look at xuanhongguang's thick defense meeting The defense will be full of mild and fragrant taste. Maybe it's because of the internal atmosphere like a roadside stall, so it feels better If you want to taste the fresh and generous language in Jeju Island, we recommend Mala Island sashimi shop!

Let's introduce the famous sashimi shop in the south of Weishan District You can taste the unique defense like meeting in the naturally produced fish fillet shop You can see the natural mountain defense When ordering big defense, you can eat special parts like navel meat together! Even if you eat delicious fish, you can also make defense sushi with sushi rice you eat together.

Next, we can taste the marine aquatic products of the fresh defense meeting near wangyuandong. It's a little rude, but it doesn't matter As long as the sashimi is delicious, can't it? Defense will be no less than Jeju Island, showing off its freshness. Generous words are big words for children Children are enough, too I hope you can refer to it What if you want to enjoy defense at a reasonable price? Recommend our marine products!

South China Sea carriage

Shiguandong, Chengbei District, Seoul 133-62

The following introduces the famous seafood stall South China Sea carriage near Shixi station. The quality of sashimi in this house is the best!

Seafood is mainly transported by air in the South China Sea. So you can taste fresh seafood like stone and lime.

Most importantly, here you can taste defense, navel meat and other defense parts! If you want to enjoy the object, how about Nanhai carriage?