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when the election of the kuomintang, the party and the youth was published, they were worried about "li mingbo, park geun hye and the moderation of personnel" (comprehensive)

Posted by bax at 2020-02-17

(Seoul = United News) park Xiuyun, reporter = KMT, said Monday that President Wen zairin nominated the candidate for Vice Premier of economy and Minister of planning and finance of Jin Dongyan, and appointed the vice speaker of the national economic consultation conference of Jin Guangdou as the vice speaker, which will make Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun hye government officials important.

"Appointment of recognized experts in the economic field is expected to solve the problems of low growth, insufficient jobs and soaring household debt," Jin said in a comment on the same day. "Some people will be subject to strict inspection and collection at the hearing.".

"The candidates of Jin Dongyan are in the key positions of Lee Myung Bak and park Geun hye government, such as the economic and Financial Secretary of the economic Chief Office, the Deputy Secretary of the record department, and the head of the state affairs adjustment office. Vice speaker Jin Guangdu also passed the agreement of" reducing the taxes in line, lifting the restrictions, and establishing the legal order ", and the economic policy of Park Geun hye government. He pointed out the symbolic figures.

Then he pointed out: "President Wen cannot but worry about being elected as a major responsible person for the economic failure of the government."

"Hong Xixian resigned from the media company not long ago, but it still has a great influence, so we need to pay attention to it," Kim said

In the party, President Wen appointed the professor of the Department of business management of Gaoli University of Changhe Province as the chief of the Policy Department of qinghuatai, and nominated the special report of the Secretary General of the United Nations for the post of Foreign Minister for positive evaluation.

"Wen zaihen's government was surprised by the greetings," park's former representative said in an article posted on Facebook. Today's greetings were wonderful, too. "The president did a good job."

The National Party congratulated Professor Zhang on the appointment of the chief policy officer and showed a complex and delicate mood.

Professor Zhang is the director of the "tomorrow" of the policy network of wash tank, which he represented before an zhesu. In the April 13 general election last year, President Wen also proposed the Democratic Party's election strategy chairman, but also conducted an examination.

Jin Dongzhe, as the delegate of authority and representative of the hospital, said in a call with union news that "why is candidate Zhang's work angry?", "although it is progressive economics, it also has a sense of balance in understanding the real economy. Be nominated as the right person.

"Although they are people who help the Kuomintang, what is the relationship?" said Jin yuannei, a representative of the Kuomintang. "For the sake of the country, everyone should be employed and everyone should be in the cabinet."

"Kim Dae Jung's government has also played a role, playing a considerable role in the international diplomatic arena," he said of the strong hardening candidate. "On the promotion of women."

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