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Posted by mitry at 2020-02-18

Published on: May 7, 2010

This is a truth, which our wise people express in various proverbs. This is some of them. Men don't cross until the thunder rumbles. Or - until the rooster bites - you don't do anything. Usually when the thunder rings, you will think of these proverbs. The cock took a bite, and it hurt so much. Therefore, in order not to feel pain because of the priceless injury of chickens, we inform you, readers, of the most pleasant news. There is a package - a comprehensive security solution that fully protects all types of Internet threats, lightning and grilled cocks, even the most exotic breed.

About interesting situations

Ah, dear readers! Imagine an interesting situation: you start the browser before you can click, and in front of you - the priest! -Porn world news, and video illustrations! I thought you were classmates, but this is a terrible news! But a complete panic, which is full of hallucinations, begins when you realize that it is impossible to leave a sacred news page! In another case, it's not so interesting, but even more unpleasant: files like your photos, videos, audio, etc. disappear from your hard disk. "Your system is locked. Unlock, send SMS to a short number like this! "But it's all a flower. Here are berries! Broken bank accounts, open email and social network accounts, astronomical phone bills - it's all "malicious," different - different programs, Those infiltrate into your network and infiltrate into their black market. As a result, all of these programs cannot harm you and create a Panda Internet Security 2010 package.

Prevention of infection is always easier than treatment. Let's look at Panda Internet Security in 2010 from a security perspective.

Panda Internet Security 2010 Download

Theater starts from the snack bar, computer protection starts from the purchase of Panda Internet Security 2010 in the ion store. Panda starts from firewall. Firewall is a firewall, which is a barrier to enter the network. Here, they decide whether to put a program into the network or not to let anything into your computer from the network.

Firewalls reflect hackers' network attacks and track your computer connections. The network screen settings of Panda Internet Security 2010 are simple: in one menu, you open or close the network access program, in another menu, for example, create a list of black and white computers, If your computer is an access point, you can access the network through Wi Fi.

Panda Internet Security 2010 will prevent personal data theft. First, discover the transmission of confidential information - passwords, bank accounts, credit card numbers, etc.

The setting is also very simple: point out that pandas should follow and everything will work like a fairy tale. The second form of protection - define and lock in fraudulent websites through which intruders steal your personal and bank information.

Third - unauthorized number detection: enter the allowed number, and then click "left" panda to ask, call or not.

It's just a marker "..." on the "vulnerability" label. Although there are few configurations, as you know, this function is a file. For example, a program (that is, a browser) is written in such a way that it opens a web page, which is an "operation not allowed". In fact, at this time of error, deep in your computer, there is a secret channel of scripts, which may be a criminal can use their criminal judgment.

Pandas will do their own rest!

The way to deal with this is as follows. Panda Internet Security 2010 provides a system for each user and filter. The primary user is the super user. He can do anything. Other users' degrees of freedom are also adjusting. For example, create a user named vanyck.

Vanessa is a child. Under no circumstances can she access "naked", "crime and violence", "drugs", "weapons" and other websites. So we put them in.

Now, when the browser starts, we should choose a user: super user or Vanessa. If you are a fanica, think you have ordered the Internet.

Panda Antivirus Pro - "select hard n's sun magazine"

Here, we want to know why pandas get rid of the virus so easily. And unknown

Collective wisdom and anima Mundi

Of course, the term "collective wisdom" first evokes two associations. One: Yunnan collective subconscious, where archaeologists are everywhere. We all know and learn about this, just like the three major buildings of Freud. The second association: the soul of the world, that is, anima Mundi, is bound to unfold in the fields of Plato's philosophy, non Latin language, and the theory of the third man of Reagan. Trinity, Hegel's absolute spirit, etc. Wait. Until the devil broke the whole metaphysical leg, it's not "Honda technology", we don't know. The disaster of modern cyberspace is that there are too many viruses, and viruses often appear, so that there is no time to find and research, Then release the virus database update. At this time, scholars explained to us, "as a traditional antiviral drug, people play the role of an isolated, independent, underarm doctor, panda is a special doctor, Join a medical group whose members are ready to help. Panda Antivirus computer is a multi million sensor. It doesn't feel good. Consult the central system. The central system knows all - all - about the virus and its modifications, because it gets "suspicious, too suspicious" information from every panda user. She even knows what the labs of competitive companies don't know. Now, that's collective intelligence - a foundation that creates and adds millions of sensors to work every second.

What does this mean to us? First, the most basic: strong - strict protection against new, unknown viruses. Second, the scale of the harmful sample base on the remote server is huge, so it saves resources on a single computer. Third - yes, it's an anima Mundi network manifesto, although at first glance it seems to be a collective unconscious synonym. However, we all agree that the number of virus samples is inestimable, and each sample has its own choice! This is not a set of archaeologists! Generally speaking, young people rest. Clear!

In the end, anti-virus continues to protect people from known threats and unknowns in the background by checking files, emails, instant messages and Internet services on disk. It's resistance to unknown threats that is the fastest speed - Oh, it's unbearable! -The panda jumps very hard!

Comfort level 7.5

To sum up the above, and add a panda with a very friendly interface, it really does not load the system, like some, This is the latest anti-virus software. It not only beeps, but also works very well. So it comes to the conclusion that you should go to the mall to buy ions in a hurry, or you won't see it for an hour Someone will bite your bone!

PS: annual license for a box of 3 computers. Are you with me?